08 July 2009

I Feel Beachy.

It's T minus 3 days (what does that "T minus" thing mean anyway?) till our annual beach vacation with The Hubster's family. So what am I doing? Hitting Sam's Club for the gallon size bucket of sunscreen? Going to Blockbuster to rent enough movies so we survive the drive?

Nope. I'm browsing through last summer's posts and feeling a bit nostalgic. This time last summer, I was doing cartwheels because our house finally sold! Then I had two weeks to jam our entire lives into moving boxes. In the process, I found a boatload of treasures...and discovered that I may become a toothpaste hoarding old lady.

While packing, I had a mini-breakdown.

At that same time, we went on our annual beach vacation. Of course, I had to share some of the beach decor from the house we rent. Some variation of our family has rented this same vacation house for the last 16 years. I fully expect some relative to now tell me that it's actually been 15 or 17 years.

Is it pathetic that I'm completely excited that our 1-week-a-year beach house has been redecorated? I'll be sharing pictures.

In the midst of all the house-building, packing, moving and vacation mayhem, I kept making things like this star fish garland. And this sand dollar garland.

Finally, in an attempt to prove that I had lost my mind, I was painting a chair as the moving men were coming for our stuff. I was really hanging on by a thread at that point.


Don't forget! Tomorrow is DIY Day on ASTPL! You can still see last week's party here. Make sure you have those project posts ready to link up! MckLinky will go up around 11:00 tonight. Or earlier, if I'm sleepy and want to go to bed. You can grab your button now, if you want it.



Last chance to get your Peony Pins at a great price. They're almost gone and I'll be taking down the post soon.

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Dana said...

Do you ever wonder who lurks about your site without saying anything? Well, I'm one of those so thought it was about time I left you a comment.

My husband is a minister and we constantly have people in and out of our house. I am a nut about keeping the house clean and even to a pretty good job of organizing. But decorating was not a gift that God blessed me with. So, I am so thankful for mom's like you that inspire me!

I am so impressed with your ideas and especially that they are totally with in my budget!


Deidra said...

Lots of beachy posts today. I'm feeling the need for sand between my toes!

Sarah Mae said...

You feel beachy, I feel blechy.


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Loving that garland, girl! Flip flops & sand are my favorite parts of summer.

Lou Cinda said...

I love the garlands! We just got back from the beach and I am so yearning to go BACK! A couple of girlfriends and I may take a long weekend and just do a "girl thang" before the end of the summer!

I think I need one more hit of the beach! I LOVE IT!

Have fun, fun, fun!!!

Lou Cinda ")

tales from an oc cottage said...

Hey, when 1 week is all you get...that's something to get excited about! HAVE A BLAST!!!

m ^..^

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's pathetic at all that you're excited about your beach house redo and I can't wait to see the photos! Hope you have a wonderful vacation...

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm all set for your linky day and I'm so excited. For some reason, I've never let my readers peek into my home. It feels strange, but I'm plunging in starting tomorrow.

Have a great beach vacation, we have to wait until August for ours. Can't wait to see the new beach house decor!

Aura said...

I LOVE those garlands!! How cute. My husband says I'm not allowed to put too much beachy stuff in our house because we live in the middle of oklahoma and it makes no sense.

Pamela said...

Thank your for your post today! I am currently sitting here watching the moving men load the orange truck and trying to keep from a major meltdown. I already had a mini one this morning.It was refreshing to hear I am not the only one because my hubby thinks I am nuts. HA!

Frugal Fine Living said...

I love that garland! I think I'll make one after I collect some shells on the beach. We're on Cape Cod this week. It's a little cool for the beach today, so I think I'll take my camera out, visit some shops, etc. Have a fun week!


Joanna said...

I just love beachy decorating!

Oh I can't wait until the DIY party...I have a...oh I'll just post it later!

marty39 said...

Moving is such a challenge. Even if you really want to make a move it is always a little nerve racking and makes you a little bit crazy. Love the pics, and you really do sound so normal. lol Hugs, Marty

Jill said...

Love the "beachy" garland!!!

Richella said...

Seems like just before you leave for vacation is a good time to get nostalgic. You can use your beach time for reflection!

As the sole female in a house full of guys, I've found it helpful that I like military history. "T minus" is just like "D minus" or "H minus." T for Time, D for Day, H for Hour. The T or D or H is the time or day or hour that something particular will occur. The most famous "Day" was the invasion of Europe by the Allied Forces in World War II, which we all now call "D Day." The days before D Day were D minus 1, D minus 2, etc.

Are you sorry you asked?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time at the beach. We're at the beach this week and having a great time. I think it's really cool that your family has stayed in the same house for many years.

Take care!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Cute garlands! :) I wasn't around when you had your meltdown, so thank you for sharing it again. ;) I have something cute for DIY Day. I hope to get it posted tonight so I won't be too late!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

#1 Your beach house looks much nicer than the one we just stayed in that had bug poop in the cabinets.

#2 I'm stealing your sea decorating ideas. I *love* the starfish glued to the white plates. Gorgeous!

Gwen said...

Beachy is a good way to feel!

I am laughing at Heather's comment. I never really thought about bugs pooping. EWW!

Paula said...

Those garlands are really neat. I might have to copy your idea.

Rona's Home Page said...

Have a terrific vacation and try to relax! I'm on my staycation and the hubby and kid are constantly reminding me to relax.

Love the summer decor.

Diane said...

Enjoy your trip. Hope it is refreshing and loads of fun!