24 October 2008

Make Your Home More Welcoming

Does your family feel welcome in your home?

The topic of having a more welcoming home has been on my mind lately. When I think about having a warm and welcoming home, I usually think about how guests feel when they enter my home.

But lately, I've been wondering how my own family feels when they get home. There's nothing wrong with wanting guests to feel welcome and at home. In fact, I love doing that! But sometimes I wonder what would happen if I consciously spent that same time and energy making my own family feel at home.

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be issuing you some challenges. Simple things that you can do to make your home more welcoming to your own family. Don't worry. You won't be alone because I'll be doing these things in my home too.

You can join in any time!

Challenge #1: Greet them the right way
Challenge #2: Clean up YOUR entryway
Challenge #3: Turn on some music
Challenge #4: Get them a drink
Challenge #5: Make it Smell Good
Challenge #6: Make Them Something Yummy
Challenge #7: Use the Good Stuff

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Mad in Crafts said...

What a fantastic idea! I will be following.