04 October 2008

Simply Saturday

Last reminder to link up to my First Ever Halloween Party on Monday!!

Here are a few interesting things that I saw around blogland this week...

A fantastic room makeover by New Every Morning. Amazing! I love the color combination and the fact that she was so thoughtful and patient in selecting the things that she would use.

I'm sure a lot of you remember Manuela from The Feathered Nest (the Typepad one). Well, she took a long blogging break, but she's back. Her new blog is called The Pleasures of Homemaking and among other wonderful posts is this one about making your own bargain art. So many of us missed her and I'm so glad she's blogging again.


This last one isn't a decorating project. But it is a really helpful read. Carissa from Good and Crazy People wrote a really helpful post about how to make sure that your email address shows up when you leave a comment. Thanks Carissa! Great post. While you're there, check out her other blogging tutorials in her left-hand toolbar. Some helpful stuff.

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Good N Crazy said...

Hey! You weren't kidding! Thanks and thanks...!

I keep getting asked how to up my comments or what to do to meet new bloggers? I tell them JUST fix your profile email reply for comments...If I can't reply to you I can't get to know you outside of bloggy world!

1938 Elm Street said...

I thought I should probably comment since I've been reading your blog for a couple of months and haven't. The painted pumpkins are really cute. I'm looking forward to your Halloween party on Monday!

Suzann @ Lavender & Roses said...

Oh My. I feel silly. I didn't realize that my profile was secretive. I have fixed it and hopefully people will realize that I'm not the spooky blogger stalker.

I too LOVE Manuela's art creations she showed this past week.

Thanks for the "blogging for dummies profile help".

Bella Casa said...

Thanks, always love your Sat. posts :)

See you Monday, I am giving a shout out to you in my current blog, should be up in a few minutes :)

Emily@Remodelingthislife said...

I cannot thank you enough for showing me the way to Manuela's new blog. I have missed her so much!

Thanks for showing these great ideas!

Melissa said...

Hi Kimba!

I mentioned you in my Saturday's post! I just love your blog! Seriously, since I have found your blog I lose sleep at night just trying to come up with ways to use my thrifty finds!

I can't get enough of your blog! And thank you for the Christian influence on your blog.

Melissa :D

Mrs. Jones said...

Great links ... thanks! How are you enjoying your new house?


nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks for the updates...I'm going to check out those blogs now...have a wonderful weekend!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

Just found you through Bella! Love your site and I'm off to read more...

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Great things to go check out. Thanks!

new every morning said...

Oh my, my, my, my, my!!!!

What an honor! Thank you for the compliment and link.

You're the best!

Looking forward to the pumpkin party!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Kimba, thanks so much for mentioning me and sending people my way!