02 July 2009

Do It Yourself Day on ASPTL


Surprise! It's a party here! Today!

Since summertime is also prime DIY time, I'm going to be hosting DIY Day every Thursday throughout the summer. You can swing by and link up with any sort of project post. A makeover, an outdoor project, an indoor project...heck, even a great recipe could qualify as DIY, right? Basically, any project that you've been working on. I want to see it! And so do my readers. We love projects!!!


The surprise part is that I'm starting today! So go grab a project post from the last week or so and link it up here. Right now! Go!

Wait! Come back! I just want to tell you that the only "rule" is that you link to the actual post, not your main page. I don't care if you link back here or not today. Just get the post! I'm flexible like that. Next week, I'll ask you to link back here so your readers know what's going on too.

I'm testing out a new linky provider called MckLinky (yeah, you read that right!), so I want to really give it a workout with lots of links. It works just like the one you already know. Put your blog name in the first space and your link in the second.

In that first space, please put your blog name and the project in parenthesis. Mine would look like this: Kimba@ASPTL (spray painted my backyard)

Now go! Get a link!

Wait! In other news, I realized that I'm a complete airhead and I never chose a winner for our giveaway from Farmhouse Wares. Pilar from The Yuen 'Ohana wins a set of the beautiful wood nesting bowls. Congratulations!

NOW go! For real! Go get a link and bring it back here for Do It Yourself Day on ASPTL!

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  1. We are THAT family (recovered and repurposed)
  2. Living With Lindsay
  3. Nicole@ BugaboosCreations ( 10 Dresser Redo )
  4. Richella at Imparting Grace (old chair makeover)
  5. Wonder Woman Wannabe (Painting Kitchen Cabinets)
  6. Fireflies and Jellybeans
  7. Liz @ Its Great To Be Home (made-to-match mail slot)
  8. Craftin With The Dollar Store
  9. Another Day Today - Craftin With The Dollar Store
  10. Neighborhood Art Party (DIY Art Canvas)
  11. Regina (framed out windows)
  12. Coloring books (the reveal)
  13. m @ tales from an oc cottage
  14. Rambling Girl aka Beth
  15. CandC Chic Simple Lampshade Update
  16. A Familiar Path- laundry makeover
  17. Joys of Home
  18. 15 Entryway Makeover
  19. Amy@ Designing A Life I Love (How I fell in LOVE w/ a 1 Plate)
  20. Sweet Bunny Adventures ~ Another Chance
  21. Shabby Chic - Distress for Less!
  22. Nester: Ragamuffin garland
  23. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality (beadboard wallpaper)
  24. Stephanie @ A Fine House (Dining Chairs do-over)
  25. Songbirdtiff- No cost entertainment center update
  26. Caroline@ Forever Vintage
  27. Melanie@ The Old White Cottage
  28. Melanie@ The Old White Cottage - Shell Mirror Makeover
  29. RootsAndWingsCo -Old Fashioned Carnival
  30. Rambling Girl /Tomato Pie
  31. Plain white lampshade- redone!
  32. Steph-DIY Duvet Euro Shams and Curtains
  33. Phillips Phamily Phive (Silver Chalkboard Tray)
  34. TheOldPostRoad -4th of July porch pillows
  35. A Little Piece of Pink~ DIY Desk and Kids Bedroom Makeover
  36. MYO Monogram Plate
  37. Melany (Pilarinas Workshop) Chore Chalkboard!
  38. WhisperWood Cottage (Chalkboard Paint Rescue)
  39. Make a Pie this weekend! Homemade pie crust yum :)
  40. Desk DIY
  41. The Pilots Wife (teething toy)
  42. Christy @ Embellished Bayou (Mirrored Furniture)
  43. Sewing Room: Before and After
  44. Polka dot possibilities
  45. TheEckLife-Chair makeover
  46. JEN@ balancing beauty and bedlam (4th of July recipe ideas)
  47. TheEckLife-Mirror makeover
  48. Donna at Funky Junk Interiors (horsegate for coathooks)
  49. This Southern Girls Nest (Frame Memo Board)
  50. Hide that phone jack!
  51. Large Art on a Small Budget
  52. Karla @ Its The Little Things... (Beachcombing)
  53. Cheryl @ The Coolest Mom on the Block (framed letter)
  54. Back Yard
  55. WhitneyCarolineDesigns-Preppy Switch Plate Covers
  56. Heathahlee@ Butterfly Genes (drop cloth bedskirt)
  57. Elise at Nest Sweet Nest{vintage paper covered flower pot}
  58. Holly @ Neppers Landing (Built-In Closet Organizer)
  59. Redesigned Night Table
  60. Kristy @ Sliding Down The Stairs (gift card holder)
  61. Amy (Mod Podge fabric storage bin)
  62. Kendra @ My Insanity (lighthouse tealight holder-camp craft)
  63. Debra@ Bungakow Island Transformation
  64. Debra@ Bungalow Island transformation part 2
  65. Jen
  66. kojodesigns: DIY fabric covered storage container
  67. Carly (Sewing Clothes)

  1. kojodesigns: vintage pillowcase apron with embroidered pocket
  2. The Ceiling Medallion Mirror
  3. Jen R window valance from a painters drop cloth
  4. Amanda @ Serenity Now (Salvation Army Icky Craft Table/Desk Makeover!)
  5. Nicol (Office sewing projects!)
  6. Weekend Starfish Project
  7. Emma Calls Me Mama (Mirror Mirror on the Mirror?)
  8. The Porch Swing (Great-grandmas table makeover)
  9. Julia@ Open Hand Living
  10. Kristin@ Grace In The Margins (outdoor makeover)
  11. All Things Llanos
  12. Que Sara Sara (budget laundry room redo)
  13. pewter + sage (DIY wall art)
  14. Five in the Potters Hand:: Coffee Table
  15. Michelle@ CreativelyDreaming (wall tree)
  16. Elizabeth @ blue clear sky (A single bloom)
  17. Alison@ this is not a rough draft. (chic kids table and chairs)
  18. The Butlers Wife (burlap table runner)
  19. Carla @ My Organized Chaos (Bathroom Makeover - Freestyle!)
  20. Sarah @ Thriftydecorchick (gumball fishtank)
  21. Sarah @ Thriftydecorchick (how to paint squares and stripes)
  22. Southern Fried Gal (kids room thrifty decor)
  23. Enchantresses 3 (Corsage Tee)
  24. Jeanne Winters - Embellish a Cabinet
  25. Telling my secrets-Fun with t-shirt transfers-First of 3 posts www.mimiandreese.blogspot.com
  26. Mandi @ Finding Home [Entrance Table Re-Do]
  27. Dianie Mac Designs Pond day 5
  28. Suzys Sanctuary
  29. Tina @ Miss(ing) Shakespeare [DIY Recovered Ottoman]
  30. Dianies Pond day 5
  31. Carissa GoodnCrazy made a Solar Powered Toy car!
  32. Refinishing the coffee table Part II
  33. Megan@ makinghouseahome(bandanna skirt)
  34. Chris (Tissue box cover)
  35. Handmade Binky Clip
  36. Bench makeover-Inspiration...Kimba!!!
  37. Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful ( shabby chic chalkboard)
  38. Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful (hanging plates)
  39. Copper Penny Candle Jars
  40. fast easy table runner for the 4th of July
  41. Adventures in Decorating
  42. Thrifty redo
  43. Lela @ Carefully Controlled Chaos (silverware in a frame)
  44. At Home With The Hinsons (Modge Podge Door Hanger)
  45. Caroline@ Forever Vintage DIY and Giveaway
  46. edie@ lifeingrace (garage makeover)
  47. Greta @ Tea Parties and Baseball Games (front porch addition)
  48. Grab Your Buttons Girls. A bracelet to make.
  49. Hendrix Family - West Elm canvas but cheaper
  50. Buzzings of a Queen Bee! (renovating furniture)
  51. Kelli (DUMPSTER bulletin board)
  52. Joan @ any thing goes here : How to picture easel
  53. Empty Nest Full Life
  54. Jackie (Bedroom Re-Do)
  55. Recycled Door Turned Memo Board
  56. Jenny @ L.O.T.s of Love
  57. Free Roadside Hutch Renovation
  58. Make cute summer fruit
  59. Make canvas watermelons
  60. Make canvas watermelons
  61. Make canvas watermelons
  62. Sara @ Be Still and Know (Pinwheels)
  63. Towel Apron
  64. Rachel@ OELLT(Brass Lamp Makeover)
  65. kirwin @ graceful creative (kid' s birthday party)
  66. A Master Bath Updated using Caromal Colours
  67. Abbie (sewing with vintage pillowcases)
  68. Dawn @ 7 A ll Together

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46 comments {Click here to leave a comment}:

Kristen said...

Well. I love this idea (especially since I have projects every week). I've thought about throwing up a Linky so others can share, but I never got around to it. I'm so glad you did!

Lindsay @ Makely said...

I am apparently unable to follow directions, but my link is up! LOL

Richella Parham said...

Kimba, your parties are always fun. I'm just grateful that I have a project this week that I can share. . . it seems that most of my projects right now are of the "unfinished" variety.

BTW, my favorite line in this post was "Kimba@ASPTL (spraypainted my backyard)." You are SO FUNNY. That's one of the many reasons I keep coming back here, day after day, always glad I came.

Nicole A. said...

Love this, definately joining in!

Heidi of Operation Organization said...

Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on! ;)

Liz said...

What a great idea!! I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I posted mine twice - I had a brief "ADHD" moment and didn't quite follow the directions.

I think I need some coffee...

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Please tell me how the new Linky goes! I cannot stand the other one anymore!! I'll link up soon!

Melissa Stover said...

this is great. we did it ourselves in our laundry room this week!

The Nester said...


Is that Mr. Linky's younger, cooler brother?

What a great idea--wish I would have thought it up.

Ang said...

Fun! I linked up to my Shabby Chic distressing project. Great party Kimba!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You know I love a good party! And a new linky, who knew? You'll have to report in on how you like it. Is it free?? We might all be changing over.

So, my project is the beadboard wallpaper I trimmed out my kitchen & bath cabinets in this week. Love, love, love this stuff, so I hope others will get inspired too.

Unknown said...

I forgot to post the project so I posted again. Can you delete the first post? Sorry!

I can't wait to look at the other projects. Love your blog!

Georgia Girl said...

Love this...thanks for stopping by last time you had a linky party.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

How fun! Thanks!

Melany @ Project Anthologies said...

Oooh! A surprise party! thanks! I am exicted to see everyone's DIY projects. I am all about some DIY!!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great idea!! Love joining the party!


Andi @ A Little Piece of Pink said...

Yahoo! I think this is a fab idea! I didn't follow directions about the parenthesis, either. I apologize for that! ;) Andi

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm in the middle of a project, but my jump ahead mind and rush to finish it up has caused me to make mistakes I need to fix before I can post. Maybe I can catch you next week with it, for now I'm passing on my pie crust recipe and step by step.

A good pie can get you far in life :) Have fun this weekend!

Joanna said...

How exciting!! I have lot's to show...I only linked one though. *smiles* Oh and next week's will be fabulous!

Amanda said...

hope its ok- I share two! Now I REALLY need to finish my dining room table makeover so I can link up! thanks for the incentive!

Karla said...

Great idea!! Can't wait to browse through all of the other projects! :)

~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Great idea!

Heathahlee said...

Love this idea! I just wish I had time to go to everyone's links...I have to DIY and go the store because I don't have a personal grocery shopper! : )

Mary Beth said...

Thanks so much, Kimba..what fun!

Wendy said...

Good heavens Kimba! That's an impressive list of links for an impromptu party...of course it IS you!

Unknown said...

We live in a corporate apartment so no DIY projects there.

I do look forward viewing what everyone else is up to.

Have a great July 4th weekend!

amybluestar said...

Kimba! I'm so glad you are doing this! So fun. I'm loving all of the projects!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thanks for hosting, Kimba! I know I'll have some FUN reading tonight after my girls are in bed. I hope it's okay that I linked an "oldie but goodie." ;)

Marie said...

Thank you Kimba - for hosting this fun party! Looking forward to visiting the other blogs.


Anonymous said...

I love this kind of party! I'm working on a project today, so I'll link up when I'm finished with it...which will probably be tomorrow...is that okay? :)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Kimba! This is awesome!! So many good projects:)

Unknown said...

Kimba I LOVE this. What fun! I am playing along and will enjoy looking through all the links. A DIY summer sounds right up my alley.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Fun Fun! I love a good surprise party! Thanks for hosting. Please share how the new linky goes!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Great stuff here.. {as always} :)

Sarah Mae said...

You really know how to throw a party! :) Now get on the ball and get your type a mom ticket!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I can hardly wait! Seems like all the linky parties are at the beginning of the week. Now I have something to look forward to on Thursdays. Woohoo!!!

Chris said...

Dear Kimba,

I would like to personally thank you for making me waste every single spare moment I have to go through all of these links. I am addicted, and I can't stop! How could you do this to me??!!


Blog Link Addict

Roeshel said...

Hurray! Just my type of party! :)
Thanks Kimba!

Megan said...

great party kimba! now i've got the inspiration and motivation to get some of those projects around the house finished up. can't wait until the next one!

{edie} said...

Oh fun Ms. Kimba! Glad to know there are choices in Linky-ness. Thanks for hosting!

Jo said...

Great idea! It will give me motivation to get things done this summer while I wait for baby to arrive, just so I can show it off here!

Runner Mom said...

Wonderful idea, Kimba! I'll have to look at that Mr. MacLinky sometime....not anytime soon! I'm celebrating my 100th post--finally--with a give-away~! Come and visit when you get a minute from spray paiting your backyard!


Leslie Young said...

This may not be the place to ask questions, but I have one! We built our house 17 years ago and my kitchen is crying for a little spruce! I have white painted cabinets, which I still love, but they've gotten a little naturally distressed over the years and I think I'd like to go with that and distress them a little more. I have shiny brass hardware and light fixture which I'd like to replace with wrought iron-ish stuff. My island, which has a cooktop and cozy dining nook I'd like to do distressed black. And I've got white laminate countertops and backsplash. I'd like to go with a darker countertop and tile or something on the backsplash.
I guess my question is this: any tips on taking white cabinets to a distressed finish? And for taking a white island to a black distressed finish? Love, love, love your blog!

Caroline said...

Thanks for hosting this DIY party Kimba. I follow your blog regularly and always look forward to seeing your new creations. Love checking out everyones projects.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great idea Kimba! I will link up to this for sure! :)

Also wanted to tell you that I gave you a shout-out today in my post about painting furniture. You did a great "Ten Tips" post on painting furniture so I thought people should see it. Have a great Fourth of July!