18 June 2009

Calling All Magazine Junkies!!

It's no secret that I'm a magazine junkie. I love to find inspiration in their pages and I never throw the good ones away. I mark the pages that interest me and I go back to them again and again.

Recently, one of my regular readers (Carmella from Southern Fried Dreams) emailed me to tell me that Southern Living at Home (where she is a rep) has some of the best prices that you can find on some of my favorite titles. My first thought was "Yeah, right." Then I did a little research and realized she IS right! These are really good prices!

Carmella is offering my readers an additional 10% off the already great magazine prices from Southern Living at Home. That makes each of these subscriptions only $17.95! Some of these subscriptions are for 2 years, people! These are crazy-good deals!

Here are the titles that are available:
40921 Southern Living (13 issues)
40779 Coastal Living (20 issues)
40993 Real Simple (12 issues)
40922 Cooking Light (24 issues)
40775 Southern Accents (7 issues)
40778 Health (20 issues)
40776 All You (24 issues)
40777 Sunset (12 issues)

I am definitely picking up a few of these subscriptions!

And if you love Southern Living at Home's products, Carmella is also offering 10% off any products ordered from their catalogue. You can view the catalogue by clicking here. SLAH has beautiful things for your home.

Note: There is a $10 per order drop ship fee (in addition to regular shipping) for anything ordered from the catalogue, since I can't personally deliver your orders (wouldn't that be fun???). That fee does NOT apply to magazines and could be more than offset by the 10% discount depending on what you order. There are NO shipping charges for magazines.

If you spend $29.95 (magazines count!), you can take advantage of these other FANTASTIC offers!

Cordova Fireplace Screen for $39.95 - Regularly $149.95! Plus another 10% off! That makes it $35.96!!! This piece alone is worth paying the drop ship charge! That price is unbelievable!

Manchester Trivet Trio for $11.95 - regularly $39.95
Petite Bud Vases for $7.95 - regularly $29.95
Estate Vanity Tray for $9.95 - regularly $32.95

The extra 10% off will apply to all of these items too!

If you would like to place an order, here's what you do. Visit Carmella’s personal Southern Living At Home website - you must use this link to get the discounted price!

  • Click on How to Purchase
  • Type in Kimba in the hostess first name field then click Continue
  • Select Kimba's ASPTL Party
  • In the search box type product number then click Go
  • Click on product then Select this Item
  • Continue previous 2 steps for each product you wish to order including special items
  • Then choose Finalize and Submit your order and follow the screens through checkout!
  • Be sure to choose DIRECT SHIP option ONLY if you are ordering items other than magazines.
  • Please make payment with order. Orders without payments will be deleted.
  • If the system times out and you get a server error, send Carmella a note so she can remove the record and you can place your order
  • Because this is such a great offer, no refunds can be issued once final order is submitted.

Taxes are calculated based on your zip code. NOTE: All discounts including 10% and customer specials will be made after you checkout so these will not be reflected in the automatic invoice you receive. Shipping is based on retail price for items other than magazines. Your order will be sent to Carmella and will be processed at the end of the month. Carmella will send you the adjusted total after you submit your order but before your card is charged.

You can expect your magazine subscriptions to begin about 6-8 weeks after your payment posts. You can expect all other products to be shipped to your home about 2-4 weeks after your payment posts.

Carmella will be popping in here to answer any questions, so feel free to leave them in my comments section. You can also contact her directly at j.fryar (at) comcast.net.

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duchess said...

You're killing me here.
I love all of it!

mary beth said...

Sad to say that I now get all my magazine fixes at the public library. I used to have several subscriptions and found that I could not stand to throw any of them away...when we moved lately I had to purge myself of boxes and boxes of old magazines and decided enough was enough...I am happy to find a new blog friend to visit though! Thanks for sharing anyway. Im sure someone with more sense than me will be able to find a way to recycle and share their old issues! :)

Stacie said...

Ooohhh, I love magazines. When does this offer expire?

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I love magazines, too. Unfortunately, I already get too many sent to my house - when they're all stacked up, it's a little embarassing! :)

Tina said...

Oooooooh Coastal Living... I'm like a zombie with eyes glazed over. Must. Subscribe. Now.

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Kimba, Great post on magazines! I am a fanatic at savoring all my Romantic Homes editions that I've gotten since the year 2002. I even have them organized in pretty boxes by months, this way each month I can pull out past editions from past years to see what was hot when. I also mimmick you in using those adorable page locators that are colorful and so easy to attach and remove. On a rainy day...paging through old magazines are a favorite pastime of mine. Oh, just want to tell you, SUNSET magazine ROCKS! That's another one I used to subscribe to...for people who love cooking and baking....they will find tons of super recipes! Years ago I found a Pumpkin Scone recipe in their fall edition that is STILL my favorite scone recipe! Have a blessed Day! ~CC Catherine

Roeshel said...

Thanks! Can't wait to check it out! :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am so the magazine junkie....as in addcition.

Love it when I have time to do blog hopping...I always enjoy finding new blogs and new friends.
Hope you will stop by and visit me.

This month I am posting on our Disney trip plus a June giveaway.

rose said...

i am very sad about all of my favorite magazines that went under this year or near the end of last year. we should all bow our heads and say a silent good bye again to cottage living and mary eng. there were a few more but those were my absolute fav's. not so many ads and lots of good ideas!

Flax and spindle said...

hello, My name is Darlene and I'm a magazine junkie...

Tara said...

How long will you be having your blog party? I want to order and take advantage of some of these deals but right now isn't great.

HeathahLee said...

I'm just now getting around to reading this...MAN I wish I had some fun money!!! Those are some FINE deals!