11 July 2008

Simply Saturday (on Friday)

I'm out of material for this week. Being on vacation puts a big dent in my blogging style. But being away has been really inspiring for me so I should have some good stuff over the next few weeks.

So I thought I would do Simply Saturday (on Friday) where I show you some of the things that I found fun, inspiring or interesting during the week. I usually share fun decorating posts or other people's rehab projects. This week I was so touched by three particular posts that I had to share them. Each, in their own way, reminded me of God's love, power and perfection.

I know that each of these posts are deep, powerful and may be tear-inducing. But I just needed to share them with you. I think God has been trying to remind me of who He is and He used each one of these posts to do that in a different way.

Please read Melissa Lee's powerful post about her surprise - I mean really surprise - pregnancy. She shared her heart in such an inspiring way and made herself vulnerable before so many people by asking for all of our prayers. I was reminded how much God wants us to bring everything before Him. He can handle our pleas, our desperation, our frustration, our everything... We don't need to make it pretty for Him.

If you never read another post, please read this one from Lulaville!. She opens herself up to all of us and talks about the precious love of our Heavenly Father in a profound way. Through grief, sadness and joy - all mixed up together - she tells us that our ultimate home is not this world. Heaven is meant to be our home.

I'm sure many of you know Angela from The Painted House. On Wednesday she shared her thoughts as they are on the brink of seeing the old Clayton return now that he has finished his final chemo treatment. She talked about her fear, her faith and how her Lord carried them through this time of trial and sickness.

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

That is so sweet of you to link to other posts when you think you are out of words!
I'm not there yet...I can't seem to blog about everything I want to say. (not yet anyway)
Now I'm off to visit these new blogs you mentioned.
Have a great day!

Sarah Mae said...

Thank you so much for this inspiration - I can't wait to check out these blogs.

Darlene said...

I went and read the posts and as I am now weeping I know the Lord will see them all through. Thanks for sharing these beautiful people with us.

Songbirdtiff said...

What great links. You weren't kidding about the tears!

I hope you have a safe trip back home.

V & Co. said...

have a wonderful and safe trip!

Libby said...

Thanks for the early inspiration!!



Mrs. S said...

Thank you so much for steering me towards these posts. It's so lovely to have other Christian women in this bloggyville I call home during naps.

Angela said...

Thank you, K!

HeathahLee said...

I think that when I see blogs and read different women's thoughts I forget sometimes they are real women. They have real pain. And fear. Just like me. I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to "hang out" and learn from women I will never meet in person. Thank you for sharing these posts.

Blissful Nikki said...

Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing blogs with us today! My sister is struggling with Infertility, so it is amazing to see God's grace in Melissa's Life. I will be praying for everyone!

Its amazing how Loving Jesus is! :)

Holly said...

I enjoyed the links!

I hope you dont mind but I went to the dollar store today and picked up a couple of birds and a rooster. I will definately link to your blog when I post about them!

Susie Harris said...

I think that is great to link to a friend... Have some fun this weekend... Susie h~