04 September 2009

DIY Day Recap and a Winner!

If you haven't finished looking through the DIY Day posts, then click here to keep looking. I have clicked on every single link over there and I'm totally amazed at the skill and creativity of you gals! I haven't had time to comment everywhere (my kids keep asking me to eat), but I have seen it all!

Carmella from Southern Fried Dreams provided this wonderful prize to one lucky winner. I didn't envy Carmella's job of picking a winner. There are soooo many fantastic projects!

To make it a little easier, we narrowed it down to 10 finalists before choosing a winner. Here are the 10 finalists in no particular order.

Infarrantly Creative ~ Make a puppet theater
The DIY Show-Off ~ Elephants on parade nursery
Joys of Home ~ Burlap window treatment
Cyber-Renos ~ Lamp revamp
A Penny Saved ~ Dining room tour with handpainted wallpaper
Shanty 2 Chic ~ Faux hall tree
Design Intervention ~ Fall jacket (slipcover) for a chair
The Red Chair Blog ~ DIY Storage for transient items
Older and Wisor ~ How to look good naked (for windows, I mean)
Joy Beadworks ~ Typewriter table makeover
Zuhause in Germany ~ Jam jar pendant lights

Good grief! I just counted and realized that we have 11 finalists! I've always been math-challenged. Oh well, I wish I could feature you all! The more, the merrier, right?

And since we had to pick 1 winner, the prize goes to Shanty 2 Chic for her Faux Hall Tree project! This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Many thanks to Carmella from Southern Fried Dreams for providing the prize from the Gail Pittman line at Southern Living at Home. This whole line of beautiful pottery is on sale right now. See this sale flyer to check out the incredible prices. Some of the pieces are already on the verge of selling out, so if you want anything, go see Carmella to place your order.

Most of the Gail Pittman pottery will be discontinued after this sale, so if you like it, get it now!

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Juliette said...

Cool - thanks for posting our project in the top 11! ;)

Have a joyous weekend!

Jennifer Juniper said...

There really were a ton of great projects to choose from. I was so inspired! Now I just need some extra time :)

jennybek said...

Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas. I have to say that they are brilliant!
Gonna try one or five.

Amy {Design Intervention} said...

What a wonderful surprise to come for my daily visit and find out I was posted in the top 10 (umm I mean 11) :) thanks so much!! There were so many good and inspirring projects! So many ideas floating around in my head now...what to start first? hmmmm?

Lynn Kellan said...

I'm officially inspired!

Shanty 2 Chic said...

Thank you so much for the feature and the prize! There were so many wonderful ideas! ~Ashley~ shanty2chic

A Box of Chocolates said...

Hi Kimba, by the way I use the same nickname on occassions on the internet too! My name is Kim so it seems appropriate. Just found your blog like the feel of it. See you again soon

Kathy said...

It has been a while since I have been blogging and loved catching up!! Stop by and catch up with me....Kathy

Maggie Muggins said...

Thanks for posting my project in the top 11! I was a little shocked when there are so many amazing projects out there.

Unknown said...

So cool! Love the projects!!