26 February 2009

Building My Priorities

I don't want to write this post. Like really, really don't want to write it.

Not because I don't think it's important or because it hasn't been on my mind. But because I don't like what it makes me acknowledge about myself. I like to pretend, even to myself, that I have my priorities perfectly in line at all times.

A couple of days ago, I was blessed to be a part of an email exchange with some blogging friends about how much time we spend on this hobby/job/obsession of ours and what that says about what we value.

I have a few confessions to make:

  • I think about my blog A LOT.
  • I check my stats often. Very often.
  • I covet your comments.
  • I would love to be a blogging starlet.

So what's wrong with all of that? I guess the answer is everything and nothing.

There are so many good things about blogging. For me, the creative outlet has been so valuable. So has the opportunity to add a small amount of income to our family. More than anything, the connections and real friendships that I've developed are priceless. I know that God has used my blog for my own good and I believe for the good of some other people.

But, to paraphrase something written by a friend, there is a great danger in blogging especially for anyone who thrives on success and creativity. The danger is that we cannot differentiate between the good that comes from creating, connecting and providing and the evil that comes from being pulled away from the family and into a cycle of NEEDING to succeed for our own egos.

There is a powerful push and pull between the good and bad. I believe that applies to anything that has the power to pull us away from what should be our primary priorities, whatever those happen to be.

Does this mean anything for A Soft Place to Land? Yes and no. I love connecting with all of you here, so I don't have any plans to change that. You probably won't even notice a difference, but my heart is changing a bit. My role as wife and mother needs to become my central focus again.

So let's talk. How do you keep your priorities in line when there are good things that threaten to pull you away? I'll be checking in on the comments section today and I'd love for us to all have a big ole conversation there.

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Unknown said...

I totally agree that family needs to be the #1 focus. Always and forever. That's a given.

However, I do think that everyone needs an outlet - a little piece of "me." After I had my son, I let that little piece of me go, and I started to get it back not even a year ago. It's made a world of difference in how I feel about myself, and my family is all the better for it.

You definitely don't need to have blogging on the brain all of the time (and I'm certainly guilty of that!), but please don't feel bad because you have this other piece of yourself. It is making you a better wife and mother. :)

Julie said...

It's funny how quickly I can let the "world" set the pace for my life. Fortunately God always finds a way to let me know I have gone astray. It is usually the comments of one of my children or a scripture that really speaks to me. The great thing is we get the message and can correct the course.

{darlene} said...

Oh yes. I am realizing that ALL bloggers are struggling with this. You wouldn't believe it, but I GAVE UP the internet after 6pm for Lent, because I was turning to my computer for more interesting company.... instead of my AMAZING husband. You are not the only one.
SO, I already feel better after my first night of fasting...

I decided a few weeks ago to set time limits on my computer time. (I use a timer. haha. not just for the kids anymore!) I still struggle with checking for comments, because I love them so, and it is really fun for this stay-at-home momma to hear an adult thought!!! So, I am working on that one.

Bottom line for me? I have been feeling convicted from God to mentally chill out on this blog thang. And if I ignore Him... well, you probably know just what I mean!


Unknown said...

You know Kimba, this is a hard topic because it hits so close to home for so many of us. And we get defensive because "we can stop anytime we want to".

Last year my Word of the Year was LISTEN. And I felt it was important to strip my life of some of the distractions that inadvertently take me away from what is God's BEST for me. Blogging is not bad ... but sometimes it isn't the BEST.

So I took a week, 4 times last year, to step completely away. No blogging. No reading, commenting, posting, or even emailing.

And what I discovered is that life goes on with others and I have not been affected. I can "miss out" and be more connected to who I am, who my family needs me to be, and who God is striving for me to be.

I can delete emails and mark my Reader as "read" and go on with life. And nothing really changes.

It reminds me of the story of Mary and Martha. Martha was busy with the things she held as priority, but Mary chose what was BEST.

Sometimes what is best is blogging. And sometimes it isn't. The secret is to know the difference. And that doesn't mean I do .. it just means I'm trying along with the rest of the faithful bloggers.

These Are The Days said...
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These Are The Days said...

This has been on my mind a lot lately. Even this morning before I got out of bed. I agree and feel like I am guilty of those things too. It's so fun to meet new friends and connect with women who we have so much in common with. I really do think I'm uplifted, encouraged and grow from reading others blogs but it's gotten a little out of hand for me.

Priorities are something that need to constantly be checked, especially now days! There's SO many things trying to steel our time.

As a homeschooling mom I know I could do a better job if I took more time to plan, play and teach and less time reading blogs, writing posts and checking for comments.

Something's got to change with me and I feel it coming...just not sure to what extent.

Magic Brush said...

Wow.... God must be speakin' to many of us at once. Balance, balance, balance... that's what I need. I just started my blog 2 months ago and can already feel the full to constantly check comments. Or run in to the computer the second I get in the house. I gotta chill also. All things in moderation. Bless you as you and the Lord get it all straight. I need the same thing.

Krissa said...

Good Thoughts!
Priorites are important. Maybe even setting time limits of something. I am single but I still have other priorities to deal with with school and family. I think being aware of the time we are on the blogosphere is important.
I definitely think blogs are much more positive than negative. I have met so many new friends through blogs, I think it is great!!!
Love this post!

Unknown said...

This is something I'm really struggling with. I just started blogging in January and have found that it's SO easy to get kind of addicted to the "hit counter" and the comments. If I'm not blogging, then I'm thinking about blogging, and not totally present with my family. Taking a day off from the computer really helps and reminds me of what my priorities are.
I also agree that it's a good thing for a wife and mother to have a creative outlet and something that is just for her, but finding that balance is the difficult part.
I know that if we dedicate each day to our Lord and put ALL of our trust in him, he will make sure that our days are balanced and our priorities are in line. I'm trying to do that! :)

Mrs. Pittman said...

Well, you knew this would be dangerous when you brought it up!

As a 53yo lover of Christ, wife of a husband I'm supposed to be a helpmeet to, mom of many, grandmom of a few (for now...), and a writer/decorator/mentor -
I'll just tell you that you will never regret blogging less and living a life worth blogging about more.

I know my temptations, after living with them so long!, which is why I don't accept awards, don't take advertisements, and try to blog with a purpose (vs. for the comments.)

We all love comments - it means we're doing something right - but when I'm satisfied with what I've written, I try to allow that to be enough. Some of my best writing was in the beginning of my blog, when No One But My Family commented.

I also agree with the commenter who suggested time limits. I try to check blogs only after exercising and quiet time because those are the things that get pushed out if I start with blogs.

OTOH- If your blog is a business, then just admit it - and realize you're a working woman who needs to have certain hours available to "work".

My daughter did a survey on which subjects garnered the most comments and, oddly enough, it was peanut butter (!) People feel strongly about it. Very odd.

Anyway- I'm off to take a picture of my Jif container and try to find some interesting things to say about it :)

Amy said...

I totally agree with this, and actually I blogged about this awhile back after being completely convicted of not having my priorities straight.

God says that anything that comes before Him is an idol. Wow...how many things during the day does everything come before Him?

While my blog is not a "busy" one, it still does consume time that should be devoted to God, family, serving others, etc...

Speaking of serving others, if God has brought you this blog as a service to others, then maybe it is part of His plan for you.

The fact that you do care about what is important says a lot about your character...I like that, and I am so glad that I read a blog from a woman of good moral character.

Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Yikes- yes! I can't tell you how many times I've put on another episode of Wonder Pets just so I could finish what I was working on...and not even that- but to read what others have written as well.

I had to make a deal with myself and my family that I only get on the computer when everyone under the age of 7 is sleeping or when my husband is at work...and its hard...

Unknown said...

I am brand new to the blogging world and have precious few comments, but still find myself checking constantly just in case somebody else might have "discovered" me. I already find myself thinking about it too much and have had a number of internal conversations with myself regarding this subject. I am part of a very active message board, though, and over the 8 yrs. we all have been posting together, we have had this discussion numerous times. I don't believe there is any one Right Answer. Not just no all-encompassing answer for each one us, but also not one right answer for me in all times of my life. I haven't been in the best mood lately and I've found myself on the computer more just trying to forget life stresses. What ends up happening is a vicious cycle of the more I'm on, the grumpier I get and the grumpier I get, the more I just want to get on. At this point, I should step away and re-focus. But there are definitely times (hopefully the majority!), where it is such a positive part of my life! I've met MANY friends who I consider IRL friends. Already I feel like my blog is keeping me accountable even if I don't have the followers yet- I like just being accountable to myself and having a place to report in! Wow, I'm getting wordy! I guess, just like anything in life, moderation is the key! Good luck to everyone who struggles with this.

Amy said...

It is so hard to achieve balance in blogging, I think we ALL struggle with it. I have found that blogging on Saturday & Sunday for my entire week is what is best for me. Then if I pop on here and there, it is okay, but not work that I have to do.

You do what is best for you and your priority list. I think just being aware when things are off balance is half the battle!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I fall into the catergory of "spends too much time on blog". I try my best to balance it out, but I do find myself teetering on the wrong side of balance. I need to work on that....and get my prioritys back in place.

Great post....even if you didnt want to write it :-)

Ruthanne said...

I completely understand the struggle! I hope I'm in a good place right now with my blogging. At one time, it was an obsession. Truly! Now, I strive to be balanced - I've found that it takes a continual, purposeful effort on my part.

I truly enjoy blogging and reading others blogs. I've learned SO much. I pray I can continue with that enjoyment in a way that is honoring to God.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I hear ya, sister! I sometimes even dream about blogging. You know you have a problem when... :-)

Joanna said...

I think this is a struggle for all of us bloggers. We want to be the best and want to have the most comments or the best topics and lose time with our families because of it. Spending hours on the computer and not realizing it until someone points it out or we missed something important.

We have all been guilty of checking our comments and our stats daily (I am sure). And it is really sad that it's like a big popularity contest. There are blogs out there that they post 5 or 6 times a day, I don't see how they manage this and their family as well.

I stopped my mommy/review blog because of this very reason. I only post once in a blue moon on it and keep to my personal blog where I don't feel like I need to compete. I would love for it to grow (deep down inside) but I fear for it too as well, because I don't want to go that route again.

All of us moms need to get things right and put the blog on hold when family calls.

Brenda said...

I have also given this same topic a lot of thought lately. I have noticed some days when my housework get's a bit behind because I'm editing pictures or answering comments on my blog. I noticed last week when my daughter wanted me to watch American Idol with her. I kept saying "1 more minute". When I finally got off line 30 minutes later, she had already given up on me and went to bed. I decided at that moment to use my "lunch hour" while she's at school and my son is napping to be online, and an hour after they have all gone to bed. It's really all I need.

Shell in your Pocket said...

Family does need to be #1...a great blog...inspiring words...great giveaways..will mean nothing in the long run...it's all about balance!
~sandy toe

Deidra said...

I am new to the blogging world and already addicted to the crack that is the comment, the stat, the new post, the new friend I might meet if I just keep following the links.

Thanks for putting it out there in this season of sacrificing and putting aside to make space for the holy: my relationships - with God, my husband, my children, my neighbors, my grocer, my bank teller. Thanks for sending me to my knees.

Wendy said...

This is a subject that has been troubling me as well. I am a perfectionist, and I have always been driven by success. My blog started out as a creative outlet, but I quickly started craving the acknowledgement by others.

I'm sure you know what I mean. People thought I was talented! People thought I was creative! My comments made me feel good about myself in a whole different way.
My numbers started climbing. It was exciting and addicting.

And then I decided that my blog might be a good way to bring in a little money for my family while doing something I love, so that became a justification for spending time doing it.

I have promised myself that the computer gets turned off all afternoon...EVERY AFTERNOON. (I work online in the mornings which forces me to be on the computer...and further justifies time spent on my blog.) But I find that making sure the computer is off in the afternoons helps a great deal. Also, when I do get on line in the evening...I make sure I'm not on very long...poor hubby was starting to feel neglected.

So, I'm with you. I have to make sure my family is my priority as well. Simple as that!

BECKY said...

Hi Kimba, Funny, I just two days ago posted that I am seeking God's will for my blog. I "stumbled" onto blogging...not really...I actually know it is something God gave to me (very long story) and that He wants it to fulfill it's purposes in my life and for His glory. The problem up until 2 days ago was that I, too was focusing too much on increasing traffic on my blog, and that is so not what I got into this for. The initial purpose of blogging for me was to meet and get to know some like-minded godly women, AND I HAVE! I was happy to have 10-12 people, but then got a bit carried away with wanting more...kind of like the blogging superstar syndrome. I have 40 something followers but know how it can escalate rapidly, and it was consuming too much of my time.

Well, I have scaled back in my mind, very little "on" my blog, but here at home and in my heart I have a different perspective. If God wants me to become a superstar, He alone will make it happen, and it will above anything else glorify Him, not me. Those of us who know Him have been set apart for exactly that purpose. I do think blogging is a medium through which many can learn of Him in a non-threatening way, that often involves fun; many who might not ever have passed through the doors of a church.

God is a God of balance and order. I will continue to blog, enjoy all it gives me, share about my God and my life; it will just be placed in my daily priorities where it should be, like anything else I enjoy doing.

Kimba, I really enjoy your blog and God is faithful. I believe He has blessed you with the blogging success you have attained so far because you are godly, fun, real,creative, humorous etc...

Thank you for this post...
I'll be praying for you and what He desires for your blog.

Joyful blessings to you,

Tiffany said...

I could have written this myself (well, without the mom part) I actually did write something similar a few weeks ago. I blog for fun and to build relationships. It's not a competition, it's a community. I MUST keep that in my success-driven head. It's not about comments or stats. It's about connecting with other humans and hopefully hopefully helping someone. On my blog, it's about helping save a little money, not be afraid to shop thrift, and about being content with what we have. How can I "preach" contentment when I'm obsessed with getting more followers. The number one thing I don't want to be in life is a hypocrite.

I have determined that when I start getting too into blogging that it becomes added stress in my life (who needs that?!) that's when it's time to take a step back and remember why I'm doing it.

Thank you for writing this. The timing is perfect. (I'm also happy I'm not alone!!!)

emily freeman said...

I was gonna link to you today too, my friend. You are right on. This blog thing is new even though its been around a few years. What does it mean for the long term? Like, long long term? I don't ever want to look back and think "hmmm...I was distracted for the whole 5 years my kids were home as preschoolers". I don't want to think that.

I think just like anything else in life...only as I listen and depend on the voice of the Lord, moment by moment, will I know what balance looks like. No formulas. Just responding to His voice. Takes the pressure off.

Kimba said...

I'M NOT ALONE!!! You are all blessing my socks right off today.

I am so thrilled to know that there are so many very wise women reading my blog. Seriously.

Natalie - I love your description of the grumpy/get online/get grumpier/get online cycle. That's really a sign of an addiction right? You need more and more of something to escape.

Wendy - You and I have followed a very similar path. I didn't have a clear purpose when I started my blog...it was a total whim. But as the readers came and I was able to make a bit of income that old achiever in me reared her work-a-holic head again. She had been under control since I left the working world when I had kids. Apparently, she was just resting.

Dana said...

Hey Kimba! I am in no way a professional blogger, but I do enjoy it and thrive on sharing what I've created or whatever's on my mind. I can totally relate to your struggle to prioritize.

As for me, I work full-time and have a husband and two small children under 4 to attend to as well. Needless to say, that leaves me little time to blog. I usually don't even sit down at the computer until 9 pm or so. As much as I want to blog every day, I have come to grips with the fact that some nights my wonderful husband needs my attention more than I need to post my latest project.

I realize that that means I will probably never be the next Pioneer Woman, Big Mama, Nester, or even Kimba, but I'll be a star to my family...and they are the best fans I could ever hope for.

Thanks for your honesty about this subject that all of us struggle with from time to time.

Kimba said...

You know...it hadn't occured to me that today is the first day of Lent...a time of prayer, sacrifice and preparation.

Do you think it's coincidental that I posted this today?

Probably not.

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Wow! I could have written this post. At least the confession part. I have been struggling a lot lately with trying to figure out where my blog should go in my list of priorities. When I put myself into something, I really want to make it successful, and have a hard time backing off. But at what cost? I was planning to do less posting in March (still plenty of Insanity to post, just not enough time), and reorganize my blog a bit. Then maybe try and settle into a schedule of just posting 2-3 times a week. That's probably not the way to make lots of money at blogging, but neither is what I am doing now. Thanks for your honesty! It seems like we are always on the same wavelength.

Rhonda said...

Hi! You are not alone with this struggle of balance, the pull between good and evil! I have only been blogging since November 08 and I am addicted!

There is a part of me that feels good about what I'm blogging or reading!...but there is a struggle knowing that this has become an IDOL for me!!! It's pretty bad when... yes I have dreamed about it once, it's the first thing you think about when you walk in the door or wake up! Your husband has kindly told you your spending too much time on it...(I used the excuse...I not on here looking at porn, hooking up with someone...I'm sharing my faith!) To what extent?
Or, when your 7 year old says, "Mom your always on the computer!"...Ouch!! Bad Mom!

I, like so many have expressed need balance. No, blogging is not wrong or bad. It is bad if it becomes an idol. I need to repent and come up with a plan! I've tried timing it, but I find myself resetting the timer...ugh! I need to step back and just take a break, to gather my thoughts on what my priorities should be! I love the Lord with all my heart and my family!! But, I am not showing it!! I need some ideas!

The computer is getting unplugged now...I am going to go spend some time with the Lord, my 5 year old, exercising, eating breakfast (it's 9:35...haven't even ate)

Thanks for being willing to share something that is so real for so many of us! Thanks for your honesty and courage!

Have a blessed day!! :D

Pretty Organizer said...

My friend you nailed that post! I've struggled a lot with this issue. Any time spent doing "other things" outside of family is time spent away from the family. Is it wrong not unless the focus and priorities have shifted. BINGO.

My church leader got me thinking when he gave a talk a few months ago. He said he sees a lot of men coming in with addiction problems, specifically pornography problems and warned against those dangers and for couples to be vigilant about making good choices. When asked about whether he saw this problem with women he said, "No, but what me and my collegues are seeing is social addictions. Women are spending a lot of time blogging and doing social networking and it can go on for 4-6+ hours in a day."

That got me to thinking... how much time am I spending and do I OBSESS about my blog? I've made some changes. I post at night, check emails in the morning, do a quick stat/comment check in the afternoon and nothing again until night.

I also try not to let me kids see me on the computer. It would just kill me to hear my kids say, "My mom's always on the computer." I want to send them a direct message that NOTHING is more important than them.

So, we're in this together lady. I leave fewer comments than I used to and maybe that affects my numbers but as a wise man once said, "No success in life can compensate for failure in the home." I agree... thus, My priorities are organized, my closet is not!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Very timely topic. Thanks for instigating this conversation it's been lively and insightful.

Carry Grace said...

Wow! This is something I'm trying to work on to. I've got to find a balance.

It' an Evolution said...

If this doesn't sound like a carbon copy of how I feel...I don't know what is. Thanks for sharing as it makes the world a much softer place!!!!

Still Learning said...

I feel left out of this conversation ha ha. I don't get hardly any comments on my blog. But, I will say I started my blog in April I think of last year and I didn't even know what a blog was. I just felt God speaking to me and the thought he placed in me was Start a blog and blog about you and me and what all you and your family are going through (hubby had been recently laid off) and I will use this blog to be of help to others. I had to google what a blog even was!! But, during my time of crisis all of your wonderful blogs have been a tremendous blessisng to me!! I want all y'all to know that all of your time spent blogging is not in vain. You bring smiles and delight to lots of us, but some of us were and maybe still are going though turbulent times and your blogs bring some sunshine through the cloudy days. At least know that you ladies with successful blogs, you are blessings too. I had to delete my Facebook in Jan. spending too much time on it and God sure did let me know. I wrestled with deleting it for a day and then I said. Okay, God, I get it. Priorities are important and our kiddies and marriages must come first, definitely. But boy, I sure do work out a lot of great stuff for me in my blog and it has been a great source of friendship and learning. I hope someday God does use it. I had a stat counter once and I have to admit, I wanted to be popular so bad like everyone else I kept checking it everyday. Sometimes several times and God spoke to me very loud and clearly after one week of having the stat counter. I didn't tell you to start this blog to become popular and you don't need to know who and how many people come here. It was so strong a conviction I removed it instantly. We all just want to be loved right? Well, my stuff is a little deep and today's conversation at my blog at least was very deep and spiritually convicting of what God has been dealing with me in. Which is funny that you wrote this post because after I wrote mine I said to myself. Man, nobody is going to comment on this one!!

Love you guys!!

Decor To Adore said...

I recently wrote a post where I acknowledged that my blog had become bigger than me. It had become impossible to respond to each and every person who commented. This made me feel like a bad blogger, but the 2~3 + hours a day spent blogging was making me feel like a worse wife and mother. Wife and mother won. I blog less. It's hard. I do believe it became addictive. So I had to become bigger than my blog and walk away. I am still here, just less of me.

TidyMom said...

GREAT post Kimba, and as we can see, it's something many of us are struggling with.

For me, I started my blog right after closing our shop - it has given me a place to be creative and connect with people and fill the void I was afraid I'd have by staying home.

I'm lucky, my children are older (21 & 12) so they don't require quite as much attention as younger ones do- yet my house still does, and it's the one that tends to get neglected. I don't get on the computer much in the evening, so I'm staying connected with my hubby then. - so far it's working for me.

Even though my house gets neglected at times, I also get inspired by reading other blogs, so I feel I'm getting benefits from it as well.

This is a very inspiring and interesting post to follow


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Kimba! Great post, girl! I heard Lysa TerKeurst say something on her blog one time that has stuck in my head. No "computering" until she has a great quiet time with God! None...nada...zilch-o. As long as you put Him first, then family, then others, you're on track. Give yourself a certain time of the day to post/read responses/ read the blogs of others. I do this usually during my lunch--unless I'm subbing!Whatever works best for you. Use that timer on the stove! I don't post as much as you do...maybe twice a week. But that's my comfort zone. I haven't gotten to the advertising of my little 'ol crafting yet on my blog(did you check your email for my crazy questions??? I know how busy you are with the pins!!! :))

Your blog touches the hearts of many women. That is a ministry! God is using you to spread His joy, love, and humor to others. I would ponder and pray about how He wants you to use this blog and how often. If you start thinking about blogging too much, step back, and focus on Him. He'll keep your feet on the right path.


Letti said...

I am guilty of teh same things as you. I love comments, it makes me sad when I have so many visitors and so few comments. I am trying harder to comment on other blogs more too.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, it is just what I needed to hear. I enjoy reading blogs. I tell myself I'll only take 30 minutes a day to read them, but I know a lot of times it is more. I have been wanting to start a blog but have talked myself out of it because of the time required. As much as I enjoy visiting other blogs I know now I will never take the plung to start my own. I have to keep my family first every time. I already feel shorted with the few short hours after school with them. Thank you for the perspective.

pcb said...

Blogging or not, it's always a struggle to keep priorities in line.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Kimba....I love you~

NCJill said...

Morning, Kimba. When I was young, my motto was "if I try something I might like it and I don't want to like it." This was for things that could get out of control like drinking, drugs, etc. of course.

Well, my children (and some friends)keep telling me that I need a blog. Alas, my above motto comes back into play. I already spend way too much time looking at my favorite blogs (yours!)as it is. If I had my own.....well, you said it better than I.

My four year old just asked if we can go play outside for a little while and SQUEALED with joy when I said yes (I usually say no....too cold....or ask a sibling to entertain her). Guess what.....I am going outside! Yipee!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you all protest too much. If it's become an obsession that interferes with your regular life and you can't find the strength to limit your time at blogging then just let it go. Your life will simply return to what it was before you blogged... is that a bad thing? Too much of anything in life is not a good thing.... if you truly can't get a handle on managing your time then let the blog go. It's really not that important for any of us to blog is it?

The Blue Ridge Gal

Jenny@ L.O.T.s of Love said...

I agree. I haven't had a lot of "success" in terms of numbers or followers so I was disappointed. Then I rememeber that I started this blog to track what was going on in life. I had hoped my kids could see it some day and remember the craziness! That is my focus again. I only look at my numbers once a day and only blog a few times a week instead of EVERYDAY. It's great!

momof3girls said...

I heard a lady give her devotion (I am sorry I do not remember her name- but I remember how she introduced herself)

This sweet lady introduced herself by saying:
Hi, my name is ____, I am the CEO for my family & I work for my husband and 2 sons (I think?) I have to admit I was so shocked at her radically different, but hit the head on description of my SAHM postion I was shocked.

I loved it!!

It put everything into perspective for me. I hope this helps you like it did me (don't get me wrong I still find "me" time but it helped me get some jobs done that I would of loved to keep overlooking.

trish said...

Hi Kimba,

Have you ever seen the illustration of the different sized rocks filling a container? If the little ones (insignificant areas of my life) get put in first, the large rocks (the Lord, my husband and children) won't fit.
Ever since I saw that illustration, it has stuck with me. Mainly because I have to restructure and rebalance everything. I don't have the exact formula, but really, I am trying.
I live in an area that I am not from and was longing to meet like minded people. When I ran across blogging (my husband had to define it for me-I didn't know what it was), and began a blog myself, I was amazed at the kindness and friendliness of people who had so many things in common with me.
At first, that whole large rock/small rock philosophy went flying out the window! It wasn't until the Lord began speaking to my heart about the time I set aside for Him, was now filling up with something else.
I felt so sorry for that. Not to mention, my time and duties took back stage.
That really bothered me and I definitely knew that a change was needed.
There are days I just don't blog. I mean I may have something up there and it is always from my heart, but at times the computer gets turned off and life around me continues to flow as it should. :o) Of course that means I have a low counter and my jewelry business is taking a very slow start, but I see it like this - I can not take anything with me to heaven in a physical form. I can take my time in prayer for people I love, I can take my time of investing in the lives of those around me and I can take my relationship with the Lord. I just don't want to sacrifice those things and sadly, in my case, I can become so easily distracted.
Blogging as of lately has been like "iron sharpening iron" for me. I have been tempted with coveting my neighbors homes, items in their Etsy shops and even what appears to be perfection in family lives. God has allowed me to wander down those paths only to assure me of the danger but also to teach me to be content with Him and only Him. :o)
This whole topic has been a huge learning experience for me and I never saw it coming!
When you began posting about how real life is in your home, I took a deep breath and just sighed in relief...a real, real person resides on the other side of this screen. I needed that. Not to boast in our faults, but to just know, I am not alone. :o)
Thank you so much Kimba!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne
Ps. When Spring sets in, I am constantly outdoors (my husband calls me his nature girl!), and at that point, this computer will be collecting cobwebs! :o)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

We have the same hours to work within every single day. It's what we do with them that really counts.

Kimba, I too believe you are a working woman with a passion. Set 'work hours' guilt free and do your thang.

It's a part of running your own biz. I've been self employed for 14 years so delegating your time where needed is the name of the game.

Do any of you know how hard it is to walk past a messy house during my work hours? Bone crushing even. Yet, if you can do it, you know you're on your way. The computer is no different.

You have provided a little slice of passion for us. We thank you for your incredible efforts it takes to offer up your insight and musings. They are appreciated.

And we also know you have a life.

Sometimes I feel guilty for not posting on my blog enough. But it's not an income source. It's fun and my thanks towards those that are helping me with my renos. And a passionate outlet to share what I've been up to. I do need it. So it's something I play on after my kidlet is in bed or at school.

Moms are always seemingly having to apologize for seeking out their passions in lieu of family. Balance is totally where it's at.

My son is 9 now and I'm finally waking up from being 'just' a mom. My mom hat comes on pretty quick when my boy is home, but when he's doing is thing, so am I.

Because, I believe God wants to see the best in all of us. To deny that of yourself will not equipt you to being the best you can be.

Emily said...

I have struggled with this ever since I started blogging. It's a hard one. Ultimately I decided blogging had to take a back seat and my family had to come first. I can't get time back with my kids after it's gone. They are my number one fans and they should be, not women I don't even know. Maybe that sounds harsh, and even though I like making new friends, should that really be my priority while I have little ones to raise?

Inspired Kara said...

This is such a great reminder to take a step back and look at our motivations in everything. Thsnk you for a bit of reality today. I needed it.

Heart2Heart said...

I personally feel you have to start out your day with prayer before you begin the blogging process. Ask God to show you the plans He has for you today. If you can put your relationship with Him first, then your family, then blogging, I believe you will see the changes you seek and still feel good about doing both!

Sarah Mae said...

Oh Kimba, how I have been thinking about this very thing, especially with new baby around!

For me, I know that I need to set a block of time to blog, and let that be that - perhaps a half hour in the afternoon and an hour at night. My family and home must come first - especially since I'm planning on homeschooling! I love to blog because it is an outlet for me, so I plan on continuing.

I think the key is to be honest about how much time we spend and why...and we have to be willing to be not be a slave to it.

Kimba said...

I think I'm going to move my dumputer to a less central area of the house. Right now, it's basically in my kitchen. The temptation to just pop on and see what's shaking is so strong with it right in front of my face. And we all know that a quick check can easily turn into a significant chunk of time.

Maybe if it's a little less accesible, I'll be better able to keep an appropriate schedule.

Or maybe I'll just lose a few pounds from all the running up and down the stairs. ;)

Joanne said...

Although each one's family should be the priority, everyone does need their own special time. I actually think that it helps to make you a better person and certainly more interesting. Imagine spending all your time with the same few people -- never venturing out making new friends or learning new ideas. How boring! Your family probably loves that you meet new people through your blog. I don't have a blog but I live through each of the blogs that I read. At dinner, I tell my family all the things that other people are doing. Sometimes I mention names and they remember who I was talking about. I love to learn how people all around this great country of ours are doing things. Sometimes, I get terrific ideas for my own home and family (ex., ideas for meals helps us all). I have been sick in bed since Saturday with fever, sore throat, etc. I can't do anything except read my favorite blogs. I love them so much. And, the best is all the decorating ideas that I get (mostly on the cheap -- which my husband always loves!). Decorating my home is also a way to connect with your family -- it shows that you care about them and want them to live in a nice place. Please don't stop blogging! Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

Our Complete Family said...

You know what? I just have fun with our blog b/c we're a military family with friends and family spread literally all over the world! I do it so folks can peek in on our kiddos and us whenever they need a fix!!! ;)
If I need to pull away for a few weeks at a time to focus on the family then I do that. If I can't blog during my babies nap time or after kids bedtimes then I don't do it if it takes away from any time with them.
Try to go about it that way and only do it when you won't be taking away any family time and I bet you'll feel much more content and at ease with your blog!
Folks will keep coming to check in on you hun~ have no fears!!!
Happy day wishes to you~ Les

Sandy said...

Excellent, yes, we are sharing the same vision and thoughts. love you, girl!

Sandy said...

Excellent, yes, we are sharing the same vision and thoughts. love you, girl!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great post Kimba. Like I mentioned at Blissdom and in my own blogging post awhile back (so I won't ramble on here in your comments too!), I simply cannot make my blog success THE focus. When I do, my world spirals out of control. My goal is LIFE success and if God brings me more people or more revenue or more opportunities, I'm amazed by what HE did, not what I did. And if I have none of that, then at least I know I kept my priorities in order!

Blogging can be such a great thing, but it really can blur the lines between what is good and what is destructive.


Kimba said...

Some practical ideas:

-Set aside specific times of the day for blogging with no guilt.

-Recognize your limitations. You can't be all things to all people.

-Get the day started the right way with quiet time. It sets the right tone for the day and keeps priorities in line.

-Set a timer just like you would for the kids.

-Put the computer somewhere that it's a little less accesible.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kimba, I think all of us who blog have struggled with this issue in so many ways. I know I have & I don't have any great answers either. Because I don't have children at home, I might have the luxury of spending more time blogging than others do who have immediate family responsibilites, but it doesn't mean I don't still struggle. Finding time to keep the house clean, finish projects & keep the hubby happy sometimes gets in the way & you're so right, those should all be priority, as well as spending that quiet time with God. I try my best to balance it all, but sometimes fail miserably. And as a blog gets bigger (as we have both experienced), that just puts even more pressure on to keep performing & putting out a good blog. Not an easy solution, but one we all struggle with. We just need to talk about it more, I think!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for writing this!! I have had a blog for the past two years and it has NOT been a priority, until recently. I would post very infrequently and there wasn't a "purpose" behind what I was writing.

However, recently, I felt called to write about the things that I'm passionate about, especially in regards to home life. So, I started a new blog a couple of weeks ago and I have made it a priority. Yet, I also need the reminders (from your post today), about where my priorities should be.

Thanks for what you shared!

thekreativelife said...

This is a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

Have you tried a timer? Housework and kids for 2 hours. Computer for 30 minutes? That type of thing . . . Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!!!


The Nester said...

Well said K. As usual.

heart you!

NCJill said...

When I had a home-based business, our founder used to call it "planned-neglect"....you actually PLAN to NEGLECT emptying the dishwasher, putting in another load of laundry, etc. etc. Then, when you find the time to do those things, you aren't feeling guilty because you had planned it that way all along while you did the important things first. Profound.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

You have brought up a topic that has been bothering me for some time. It is very difficult to balance blogging with life, because 30 minutes can pass in the blink of an eye, and before you know it you have been at the computer an hour, 2 hours, yikes! ALL THING IN MODERATION, but wow, is that difficult to do! I am thankful that you put this challenge before us all, and so many people have had some good creative responses and suggestions. God bless, Linda

Kristen said...

My blog was started as a journal for my family - everyone was quickly growing up and I wasn't recording it and felt badly about that.

Now it's taken a slightly different turn (although still used for 4 yer old birthday posts!)

I think about my blog, pictures, what to blog a lot also. It's my creative outlet right now in my life when I don't have much free creative time with 3 kids under 6.

As far as the fame goes - hardly. I'm lucky to get the comments that I do, if any at all!

Anonymous said...

just an observation....I hope I don't hurt anyones feelings...but with all this focus on balance...these are the LONGEST comments I've ever read through!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Oh Kimba, this is a great post post and has been on my mind lately too. Ad I have been enjoying more people commenting on my blog, I have to remind myself that any thing I do, any talent I have is because of God and I want Him to have the glory. I thank him as I read the positive comments and I pray for the people who have commented on my blog. And, like you I try to share my faith on my blog. I also remind myself that god's opinion and comments are the only ones that matter!

I do try to limit my time blogging and, I tell myself I am going to check out 10 blogs quickly, comment and that is all. I do watch less television since I started blogging, so I guess that is good.

Blogging has been very positive in my life, both for my business and my personal life. but, I do have to limit it(wish my computer was faster, I would get to more)!

You know my mom used to spend quite a few afternoons playing bridge, now that I think about it. I guess blogging is the outlet for this generation of stay at home moms.

Unknown said...

I usually save my main blogging/computer time for the evenings. That's my time to unwind and connect with blogging friends, facebook friends, and all my online friends. This is my form of relaxation - I don't watch TV. As someone else said, it's all about balance.


Sandy said...

And then I took it 1 step further and talked about marriage today - which most people do not feel comfortable talking about, and do not leave comments. But many heartfelt emails have come thru ... (sigh).

Sandy said...

I clicked save too soon.

Thank you Kimba for this beautifully written post. I think it got a lot of people thinking!


Unknown said...

Kimba, this was such a fabulous post! I too am struggling with finding a balance and not obsessing with trying to make my blog more "successful". I actually wrote a post on Monday about scaling back on my blog!

I saw that a commenter mentioned blogging becoming an idol - ouch! that pricked my heart a little. I need to pray about this and set some limits.

Thanks for this series!!

Emily said...

I dont agree that a blog has to overtake it's creator's life. Mine certainly does not. If I dont have anything to share, then I dont touch my blog. And while that may result in fewer readers, thats okay with me. When I started, nobody read it. And I was okay with that.
But for me, OTHER people's blogs, combined, make for a wonderful but brief 'getaway'. When I am having a rough day at work or in the middle of something stressful, I know I can take a few minutes to sit down and read the handful of blogs I check daily (including yours!) and I can just chill, reading about my blogger friends' days. And while its sometimes disappointing when they havnet updated, its okay, because sometimes REAL life has to come before blog life.
Blogging is our thing, and its in our blood. It makes us all happy, and thats why we do it. When it comes to a point where its not making you happy anymore, than you need to change things up a little bit. Thats okay!
Take a blogger vaca if you need to... Get your life back. Because its certainly more important than a website. None of us are going anywhere. :o) We'll be here when you return!

Lorrie said...

You are dead on in your post. Set limits for yourself and focus one "Brick and morter" friend to pour yourself into. You have a lot of talent and energy...sometimes it's better to put more of yourself into the people around you. Do that for a few days and see if you don't feel a little less anxious about blogging. What would happen if you didn't blog for one day?

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

I agree with Amy (momadviceAmy), blogging on the weekend has been wonderful for me as well. I do the majority of my blogging from 5-7 am on Saturday morning. That way my family doesn't even feel the rub. I still tweak things, check in on comments, etc. during nap time throughout the week, but I employ my good ol' kitchen timer to keep me in check....and then I force myself to walk away. :) I personally think that blogging can be a wonderful thingfor yourself and for others, when kept in check...just like TV watching, phone time, reading, hobbies, home decorating, etc. Any and all of these things have the power to draw our hearts away from the important stuff....it has to be all about tuning our hearts to listen to His. Just my thoughts!

Kelli said...

Wonderfully written and spoke to my heart. Anything can consume us if we get away from our first love-Our heavenly Father. Thanks for this post. WE need to be reminded to keep things in perspective.

punkinmama said...

Wow, thanks for writing this post, even though you didn't want to.

One look at my blog and you wouldn't be able to guess that I understand what you're saying. My blog is pretty sparse, but that's not for lack of thinking about it. I constantly am thinking about blog posts and wanting to be so witty or smart or something, but as you can tell, not much actually makes it to the blog.

I'm very new to having my own blog, but I see others' blogs and how many followers they have, etc. and I contstantly think, "How can I do that?".

I know I don't need to put any pressure on myself - it's MY blog, for ME, but I guess I just want to be liked and make friends... it's like junior high all over again...

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Great post Kimba! I've been thinking about this a lot lately too! I sit here now, putting off getting on the treadmill to shrink my bloggy butt. :) I am a little tired of not going to bed when my husband does...and I made a promise to myself that my son will NOT see me on the computer anymore. I didn't do it much around him anyway, but I could tell he hated it when I was, and I'm not doing it anymore. I don't want him to think back and have a memory of me sitting on the computer -- EVER. It's been wonderfully refreshing actually. It's so easy to get caught up in the blog world, and lately I find myself stepping back. I'm lucky (??) that the decorating job is NOT busy right now, so I can use my "work" time to blog, but I have decided I need to keep myself in check. That being said...it is FUN, a great outlet and feeds my creativity!! Off to the treadmill!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to give you some feedback. I am a fairly new Christian (raised as a Jew and loved it but always felt something was missing) and have been dealing with a heartbreaking break-up, work, etc... and discovered your blog. It has really given me "a soft place to land". I think maybe you are being harder on yourself b/c you are not seeing that side of your hobby/job/passion. The part that is an example of a woman trying to balance everything and live in God's grace. So- thank you for what you do that you don't even realize. I enjoy each part of the blog; sometimes I need the spiritual side and sometimes just the escape of looking at something for my house and getting inspired.

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

God Bless Deborah. Well said!

Melissa said...

Kimba~I love you for posting this. I was going to try to come up with some eloquent, beautiful comment, but I just want to say thanks. I think the blogging world needs your voice and I know you'll find the balance~thanks for letting us have a peek at the journey there.

Jess @ Just a Blink said...

We all struggle. We all thrive. The balance between the two is a peace worth finding.

P.S. If you take a day off from blogging now and then we'll still read your blog whenever it pops up in our reader. If people delete you out cause you aren't posting fast enough...then bye bye!

P.S.S. Don't take a super long break though because when your posts are in my reader, I click on yours right away. ;)

Willo said...

I have only just begun on this journey (so to me you are a starlet) and I already grapple with this. MY husband has a line that I love, "Go only as far as it is good." That is what I am trying to do with this every day and let God take care of the rest. I guess that's all any of us can do.

Christi said...

Kimba, this is something I've long struggled with. Two years ago I had a fairly successful (to me, anyway) blog with @ 40 regular readers/commenters. And I DID become obsessed. So I totally closed down my blog for a season. Now it's back, even with the same name but I find that I don't have as much to write. I have lots of ideas, and lots of "drafts" but they seem to never make their way to the Publish button.

I don't have any advice. I would love to have that many readers again, but find I have nothing to say to them if they showed up. And I honestly don't know whether or not I'd be able to keep my priorities in line if I did get to that point again.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

I didn't comment when this was first posted since I knew there would be a HUGE response to this. Any blogger is there with you and it's so hard to know that we all "talk" about prioritizing our family, not making "the blog" our focus and yet the enemy has us right where he wants us, since we're talking the talk and not walking the walk.
Thank you for being vulnerable and letting everyone think through this. You are a woman who walks her walk, and when she doesn't shares transparently. How refreshing.
The sad thing is that no one in blog world really "knows" if we're doing it or not. I needed to actually act on it, and do something about it...like walk away and turn this darn thing off for extended periods. I talk about "balance" and passionately pursue a balanced life on my blog, but if I'm not practicing it consistently, then I am no good to anyone. Having a blog can get us off balance. I finally had to realize that I can post...walk away for an entire day and the world doesn't stop or change AT ALL!! My blog is still there waiting for me, and no one has left...they'll still read the next post. If I can't do that, then I do know my focus has gotten all about me..UGH! None of us want that.
I want to be a blog starlet like youxoxo, but it was getting in the way of my family, and I had to step back and let God determine that future. :)
Yikes, I am getting a bit hard core here...hee hee....as I spend more time on the computer sending you comment love.
The hardest thing for me is not having the time to connect with everyone through comments. That's my favorite part, but when it gets in the way of family time...something has to go...such a bummer, but reality sets in.

Off to get all the kids up and turn this off....for now.
Love ya!!

Victoria said...

I think we can relate to how you feel!

It's funny because my 3 year old put her coat and boots on and wanted to go jump in puddles this morning. My first instinct was that I was too busy and then I thought again. The only thing I would have been doing was reading blogs, cleaning, folding laundry, fluffing my bedroom and none of those things come anywhere near the priority of jumping in puddles with my girl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kimba!

I know Carlos he use to live here in Riverside,Calif. My husband use to spend time with him and his pastor of his old church Sandals...when they were first getting starting ...
I think my husband created the first logo they used...years ago.

Now God has moved him and his family to Georgia and he is using him in a mighty way.
Very exciting to see the fruit of his blog.

I agree it's a great creative outlet!!! But we need to careful...

I try to watch the clock and do my blogging when my family is not home..or early morning entries...

For me now being a independent designer the blog helps to connect with other designers,artists..and fellow believers...

For many years I worked in a high end furniture store..all the designers encouraged each other on our projects..getting feed back...

the blog has replaced some of that connected with others...but gee z
I still need to chat with people in person too!!

In California..we are all soooo thankful for each job that comes our way right now!!!

The designing women that I worked with ... we still get together.. have lunch once a month and chat about our projects and the highs and lows of the industry... and still... encourage each other!!
I am the only one blogging one out of the team!!!

Maybe I will have to blog about them sometime...

I will look at the other sights you mentioned..I am not familiar with them.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Sorry if I was to chatty!!! lol

That's me!!!


Lea Anne McCrory Wood said...

I feel like a blog stalker, because I don't know you personally but what you said totally resonates it seems with everyone who has commented here. You are not alone in feeling this way... This may sound crazy, but I find blogging is a lot like watching soap operas. We get caught up in it while we're doing it, but if we take a break from them, we find we can pick right back up where we left off. So it's always available to us. God knows what our hearts long for.. He just wants to be in the center of our lives, but I don't think he minds us finding enjoyment in getting a glimpse of other people's lives... I think it is very healthy and helpful in life to blog. We learn so much from what others write that it makes sense to contribute this way.
Lea Anne

Anonymous said...

The checking your stats thing made me smile! I used to do that. Now I disable my sitemeter most of the time. Every now and then I put it back on just to see where I am but that's like once a month. I used to check it several times a day - then you begin to notice what kind of posts get the most traffic, then you start to think you should only post certain types of things and it becomes a whole thing!

Realizing that I was spending too much time blogging and not having my priorities straight was one of the reason I quit blogging last year. I learned my lesson and am very aware of how much time I spend thinking about and actually participating in blogging now. I realize some people make money with their blogs or promote their business with their blogs and may need to treat their blogs differently.

All things in moderation!


SoBella Creations said...

I don't think your alone. I love it when people leave comments on my blog. And I also check my stats via google analytics every day. I try not to be too obsessive about it though.

Jami said...

Hi Kimba! I don't think I've ever posted a comment here before but I loved this post because I so totally relate to it!

I was very very addicted to reading my stats daily (how many visitors and how many UNIQUE visitors do I have?)

If the number went down - I felt badly about myself. What do I need to do to get the numbers back up. If I didn't get many comments - I struggled.

God has been teaching me that my worth and value is not in people's opinions of me but in HIM alone and I felt Him saying "Stop checking your stats so much - stop caring. Be yourself and let me bring people to your blog if I want to. I know what is best for you!"

It's still a struggle but I'm feeling more freedom from it all. When I do start to feel consumed by it - He reminds me that I am loved by HIM and that is really all that matters!!

Thank you for posting today Kimba!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Great thoughts! I wish I could read all 93 comments, but, well, the family... Okay, so you understand. ;-)

I wrote about something similar on Tuesday, not exactly, but how I want to go back to blogging being more for fun and more about the comments and less about the stats and influence and reviews and BUSINESS. It feels GREAT just to let go and have fun.

Of course, I'm not saying that I've got the right perspective between blog and family, but something about bringing the FUN back to it makes it more of a legitimate outlet and less of an energy suck, kwim?

Great thoughts!

Scooper said...

How do I balance? Keep my priorities in check?

I don't know that my priorities are ever where they should be. And I am anything but balanced.

I started my blog without a clue that there was this giant world of mommy bloggers out there. I just wanted a place to write and share, a space of my own. A small space that could not get stained or spilled on or need ironing.

Then I found there were indeed blogging "starlets." And blogging conventions. And money to be made. And for a time, I thought that would be amazing, that maybe I'd be destined to be blogging starlet to, a "blarlet."

And then I realized, I can barely deal with the pressure of everyday life, of being a mid-30's girl who is still terribly insecure. And a wife and mommy to boot.

And while I love comments and it's fun to meet new readers, God's recently given me a peace about it. If it goes somewhere, fine. If not, fine. Especially since it was born out of a genuine desire to just have my own little space.

And that's still what it is...and all I ever intended it to be. And really, all that I need.

(Oh, and it bears repeating that I love your blog and the sweetness and authenticity that shines right through it. Just know that even in the midst of misplaced priorities, your blog is a creative and spiritual blessing to me. Thanks.)

Ashleigh Baker said...

I have this exact post half-written in another window right now... and am still unsure of how to say it exactly right. You did it for me. :)

In other words, RIGHT THERE with ya, sister.

wife.mom.nurse said...


I am new to blogging and the Good Lord has already brought all of this before me.

Thank you for your post. It seems like another validation that I need to keep this in perspective.

My absolute favorite part of blogging?

The connections to terrific women,new bloggy friendships, seeing faith in God/prayer in action... things that my busy life has kept me from over the last few years.

I pray our blogs will glorify God, not take away from Him.

Thanks again for your insights and perspective.

~CC Catherine said...

Kimba, "Totally one of those Godincidents" that I would come and read your post today... I have been struggling with this very thing.....and am working in how I can balance more., allow God to be my focus first....family second.....and making sure everything is in balance and order in my life! I get tons of gratification from blogging and meeting and building relationship with other women, but I do want to be sure I'm not abusing the other responsibilities I have in my life because my scale is tipping too heavily from what I am finding a passion for. Thanks for the confirmation today! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

Anonymous said...

I rarely leave comments but I am impressed with your openness on this topic. I used to be obsessed with it too...but have decided that my homelife is more important than a blog...I write by blog mainly for my family and friends now. I get to it when I get to it, and I don't stress about it anymore. That's not what God would want for me...or for any of us. You have a talent for creating and I am so appreciative that you take the time to share it with us, but if you took time off your blog to be with your family, I would understand! Take care!~ Sherri

Anonymous said...

God is so gracious to speak into every area of our lives. And our privelege is to respond to Him and live in the blessings He has for us. Keep listening. He will guide you with His whispers.

Anonymous said...


I've had this post pulled up ever since you passed along the link for me to read (when I asked for stumbles :) ). I only read it today (cause I routinely have two dozen tabs open at a time!).


I've been having this very conversation with a few close friends and was floored to hear some of your words echoing my own thoughts. It's like you were siphoning my brain! I still plan to write about this, too...and I'll trackback the links you've mentioned here as well :).

I'm off twitter for the time being; something had to give, and for now, that's what gives. I'm seeking balance elsewhere, but the most promising thing is I'm seeing God at work in my heart. This has to be an "inside out" job, ya know?


Jennifer Richins said...

What a great post and comments. I find myself so exhausted after work that all I want to do is veg out in front of the TV. I usually make dinner and once I sit down to eat, I don't get up. I know there is laundry and cleaning and spending time with my husband, but sometimes I just don't have the energy.

I don't remember the exact quote, but it went something like, "Whatever you consider your highest priority is your God." If you're all about money, blogging, eating...whatever, if it's your highest priority, then it's taking the place of God in your life. This post kind of reminded me of that...needing to reprioritize my life. Like you, I think my priorities are always in line, but our priorities on paper (or in our head) are very often different than how we live our life day to day.

What might help is writing your priorities down and then figuring out a goal to make sure you're accomplishing your priorities.

Christin said...

You spoke my very heart. I came here from your "Unplug" challenge post. I've struggled, too and I look forward to finishing that post. So back I go.
Thank you for being bold and stepping out to say what so many of us don't want to!

Queen B. said...

I love your post. You are NOT alone.
For Lent, I gave up blogging, but I still have managed to publish a few.
I love blogging because I'm a stay at home mom, and I don't have a huge social life.
This is a great outlet, but let me tell you. The struggle is constant.
I'm always checking to see if someone left me a comment.
I like that i go back and read my blog. It serves as a diary for me, but then again, I really feel the need to just 'delete' it because the temptation is always there.
I don't remember the last time was on top of my house....it's insane.
It has to stop.
But I sure will miss it.

Peggy said...

BRAVO Kimba...I do not know you but this EXCELLENT POST & your GREAT UNPLUG IDEA...drew me here!

Officially, I'm not here! I declared a BLOG FAST for these 40 days and this is in violation, which makes my 3rd one...not bad as
I'm nearing the end! Not counting reading in Google Reader.

You are so right! And many of your commenters have given good feedback. I looked around while I was here since I'm already violating my own challenge.

I certainly can tell why you have 777 followers. Since that was such a perfect number, I did not join but you can be sure once my blog fast is done, I will be visiting more often.

Actually, checking our priorities and getting them in line is the best take home from all of this!
I believe that this is definitely
a challenge we ALL need to do more frequently. For me, Good Friday, would be the perfect day for me to be UNPLUGGED! And a good ending to
my BLOG FAST...to stay away from all...not just my blogs but emails, etc....I do not have Blackberry or phone or other to surrender but if I "unplug" and not connect on line at all, I truly will realize the importance Christ is to me that day!

So I'm commenting to THANK YOU for your boldness & declaring this challenge though I missed it because this is the day after...
I will do...and you might consider doing a Mr. Linky & having others sign up with you! When I return to blogging, I would like to share this at my post & refer to here.
If that would be alright with you?

I'd like to post your button but
the date is on it and I just think
it should be something we do every so often & then as you ask in the challenge post about it! It's your great idea so I will not steal it, but hope that you will allow me to write about this & share. Perhaps, you can make this a regular feature. I'm not sure about weekly but maybe monthly. Thanks for sharing & I'm sure that you are a good mother and wife! It's just getting "blogging" back in its right place of priorities!

I really can't wait to see when everyone shares. May it be a very productive Monday!

Anonymous said...

I just started blogging 2 weeks ago and I already feel exactly what you are talking about. I find myself thinking about my next post even before I post the current one! ahh When does it become an obsession?

I really want this blogging thing to glorify God not take me away from God! That's tough, I think I'll have to remind myself of that everyday.

I LOVE being creative and think blogging is a great way to have an excuse to do so but definitely not at the expense of my relationship with the Lord or my husband!

Thanks for opening a dialogue about it. I didn't know so many people were feeling the same way! I looove your blog too!!