05 June 2009

Linky Love

Turn your ugly deck into a pretty deck. Warning! Unapproved paint usage ~ Remodeling Guy

An end table makeover (with Mod Podge!) ~ World of Mod Podge

10 blogging mistakes ~ Life with my 3 Boybarians

A beautiful kitchen island makeover. Before/after pictures here. Tutorial here. ~ My Sweet Savannah

An awesome desk makeover (looks like Pottery Barn!): The Magic Brush

A summer wreath on a budget I am sooooo doing this!) ~ Southern Fried Dreams

Do you like me? Blogging insecurity. ~ Imparting Grace

An alphabet chair makeover (Brilliant!) ~ Evangeline's Vine

DIY lighted seashell garland ~ Beautiful Details Wedding Consulting

If I had me a chick garage ~ Pretty Organized Palace


We have a winner!!!! The winner of the Extra-Large Dandelion Wall Decal from Lewa's Designs is Ladipierce. Congratulations!

If you didn't win, Lewa's Designs is offering a discount of 15% off your entire purchase (no minimum!) if you enter the code SOFTPLACE when you check out.

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Southern Fried Gal said...

Yeah! I'm clicking away on the links and then I see my wreath featured. It turned out way cuter than expected. And it is very easy! Thanks for sending me some linky love! Gotta get back to visiting the other links...have a great day!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Very cool links today! I can't wait to check them all out! :)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your "linky love" posts every week. Great ideas today, I sure had fun checking them all out!

Maya said...

Great links. Thanks!

Roeshel said...

Hi Kimba! It took some tracking down (you don't want to know what google brings up)...but after the lovely comments from some new bloggers, I'm so happy to "meet" you! Thanks for linking my ABC chair project! I'm loving your blog and off to check out more, especially the linky love feature!

Have a great weekend!

Jamie said...

Once again a great list of links! I really enjoy this feature each week. Thanks!

Centsational Girl said...

I just love how much research you do for this feature - it's fabulous. I look forward to it every Friday.

I'm working on something special just for you.... I'll get back to you soon.


Christie Cottage said...

This is great! Love all the links! veryprettythings.etsy.com sent me over to check out your blog. I am glad she did!

Richella said...

My morning routine is to make myself a cup of coffee, turn on my computer, and check out my favorite blogs. You and Nester are on my Bookmarks bar--you're "Soft Place"; she's "Nesting Place."

This morning I didn't follow that routine; today was my oldest son's high school graduation. But this afternoon I sat down to catch my breath and to catch up--and then nearly fell off my chair to see that you'd linked to my blog! Thank you. Really--thank you a lot. I'm so proud to have gotten a shout out from Kimba!

I appreciate this. I appreciate LInky Love. And I appreciate you.

jenjen said...

Thanks for the links Kimba. I am going over to check out that mod podge chair. I have been wanting to mod podge my barstools, but need some courage.

Have a great weekend!


amybluestar said...

You are awesome. And so are these links! I always love your Linkys.

Remodeling Guy said...

Hey Kimba! I was just looking at my stats and I was thinking....this seems a bit on the high side... OH! Kimba gave me some Linky Love! Cool beans!

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

some way awesome linkies. Thanks.

Robin said...

Great links today, so many ideas to choose from. Thanks.

I finished painting my kitchen stools, following your idea. Stop on by and check it out.

Julia said...

Kimba - your Friday linky love is the highlight of my blog week. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration. I always check what you put up on Sunday as well. Thanks to the inspiration you and several other lovely ladies provide I started a blog. God totally blessed me on my first blog day. I invite you to see how good he is to me, even with small things like home decor. :o)

Our Complete Family said...

You've been busy girl! I had fun catching up on your blog posts.
The bar stools are so FUN! Love those so much!
Happy SUMMERTIME to you and your fam!
:) Les