20 May 2009

Q&A on Thursday

Do you ever have an idea that pops into your head in the middle of the night and you drowsily think "brilliant!" and then you get up in the morning and realize that you were delusional the night before?

This might be one of those ideas and I just haven't had my moment of clarity yet. But that's OK. If it's a big flop, I can deal with that.

Let me give you a little background...I LOVE communicating directly with my readers. I love reading your comments and emails and answering your questions. I clap and cheer when you send me pictures of projects that you're working on and I love to try and help you when you have a question. That's all a part of the fuel that keeps me going. That and lots and lots of coffee.

But there's a problem...I'm not always so good at getting back to you when you ask me a specific question. Nor am I consistent in the way I answer you. Sometimes I email you directly, sometimes I answer questions in my own comments section and sometimes I come to your blog and answer you there.

Here's how I want it to happen...I get a question from a reader in my email (sidenote: I always read my comments in my email). If your email address is public in your profile (meaning I can reply directly from my email) AND I know the answer off the top of my head AND I'm not late for something else, I'll hit reply and dash off an answer to you. That's the ideal scenario.

Here's the way it usually works...I get the question and I can't reply directly OR I need to go check something to get you an answer OR I'm distracted by something shiny. I mark your email with a little star in my inbox so I remember to answer you later. Your email promptly becomes buried under 100 other emails and I forget what I was supposed to do.

Fast forward 2 months...I'm completely overwhelmed by my inbox and I declare Email Bankruptcy. I delete everything in my inbox and start over. The end result is that you never get an answer to your question and you think I'm a big schmutz for not getting back to you.

So in an effort to erase my schmutz-y image, I am declaring tomorrow (Thursday) as Q&A day on ASPTL. You ask any questions that you want in my comments section (keep it family-friendly, ladies) and I'll answer those questions in my comments section.

It can be anything that's on your mind...Here are a few examples of questions that I remember getting but know that I never answered.

Q: Are you a Southern Living at Home consultant? I see lots of their stuff in your pictures.
A. No. I've been to quite a few parties and I hosted one in my home a couple of years ago and got tons of great loot.

Q: What brand is your spray gun?
A: (After running to the garage to look) It's a Kobalt small gravity feed spray gun. I use it with The Hubster's Porter & Cable air compressor.

Q: How long have you been a Christian?
A: 9 years. I came to Christ when I was 29.

Q: How old are you?
A: See above. Do the math. :)

I will put up the Q&A post at midnight, although I probably won't be awake at that point. You can ask your questions and I'll come on throughout the day to answer them right here. I won't be sitting at my computer all day, so ask your question and then come back later for the answer.

Please don't leave me hanging. I'm going to feel like SUCH a dork if I'm sitting here all alone.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have a TON of questions! :-) I think you're too hard on yourself, you have a LOT of followers!!! I think it's nice of you to even consider answering any questions

Sarah Mae said...

Kimba, how is it that you are beautiful, talented, AND super sweet? :)

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

LOL..I had one of those (great ideas) the other day...I have several projects I would love to get feedback on...and I thought I would post one a week on my blog, and see what people had to say...

Of course I'm a bit flaky and things start to fall off my list quite often...

HeathahLee said...

I thought you were gonna say you were gonna have one of those chat thingies like Sarah Mae has now and I thought I was gonna be able to stalk you even more. : )

P.S. - still picking...I'm horrible at making decisions.

Tanna Clark said...

What a great idea! I'm not where you are as far as how many followers but I think this a great way to tackle questions. I bet it will give you some great blog post ideas too! You can elaborate on the longer questions in a post. :)

Runner Mom said...

You are just too cute and precious!! Come visit when you get a minute!!


Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

you're so funny! i don't have any questions, but i'll be reading for answers! and in your defense, i think everytime I've asked you something specifically, email or comment wise, you've answered!

mrsgarageflower said...

Well we live fairly closely and I was wondering if you could come over and help me decorate my home? Ok... ok... so what if I sent you pics? Although my livingroom wall colors are never true in pics.... In short, my home is so very masculine, dark woodwork, dark colors and when I tried to use the THIS OLD HOUSE website to color my kitchen... it didn't work and now I have navy blue cupboards! I am a mess! I think only spray paint can help me.

sarah said...

Most of my ideas come from reinventing what others have done or just straight copying! How about yours? original or reinvented?

Karen@CitySeed said...

Like you'll be left hanging! More like innundated! By the way, I am Karen, I have been reading your blog basically since you started it. I've been reading the Nester's for slightly longer. I have been too skeered to start my own blog but I FINALLY took the plunge--TODAY! So now I can finally comment. I LOVE your blog. I love that you love the same Jesus I do. I love that you like pretty-fying things. I love that you manage to do all of these cool projects WITH small kids running underfoot-- that is SO my life!

I am planning on joining Nester's lamp party next week, so hop over if you want!

Conny said...

Hey Kimba, this isn't a question - but I had to make this comment: I just got my Dayspring Life to the Full prize yesterday (fed ex)! And I love love love the dishes. I even wrote a little bitty post about them on my blog to promote your lovely blog & these lovely products & the JOY they both evoke in me :)

Katrina said...

Love this! I'll definitely be back tomorrow - getting a blog post all ready for it as I type!

Rachel said...

I'm SOOOO excited about this!! I have about 500 questions to ask you, seriously. Now how to get it down to a manageable number, like say 100?

An Accomplished Woman said...


I love getting to know you...