21 May 2009

Q&A Day on ASPTL


As promised, it's Q&A day on A Soft Place to Land! That means you can ask any question you want in my comments section (G-rated, of course) and I will answer it in my comments section.

If you want to read why I'm doing this, click here. But basically, I know that I don't always do a good job of answering your questions that are left in my comments or emailed directly. I have the best of intentions but sometimes life gets in the way.

So I declared today Q&A day. I won't be sitting at the computer all day so go ahead and leave your question and then check back later for my answer.

Don't leave me hanging! I'm going to feel really silly if I'm hanging out here by myself.

photos: Leo Reynolds

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Anonymous said...

what's your best advice for getting an etsy store up and running? I posted my signs, but I'm not sure how to get the word out...

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

What blog(s) inspired you to start blogging?

Now that you have grown so much, what is hardest to keep up with: posting, admin things, Etsy, or commenting on/reading blogs?

Do you like chocolate? LOL. :)

blessdtwice said...

what (if anything) have you ever painted and then regreted ever painting? if so...what did you do about it?

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

What is your favorite decorating style and why?

Lauren said...

I just began following you blog and found lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideasW My husband and I closed on our first house in February and I am overwhelmed on where to start. What room did you start with that helped you keep up the decorating bug?

Meg said...

What time do you get up and what time do you go to bed? I am always curious how so many people get so much done in a day... maybe they don't sleep??????

Kimba said...

Hi Chelle ~

Hmmm...Good question. You could advertise on ASPTL! I'm kidding. ;)

I started my etsy shop after I had begun to build my blog so most of my exposure cam that way.

There are two great articles at Everythingetsy.com that give good advice.


You could also offer to do a giveaway on one of the giveaway blogs that gets lots of traffic. I did one on http://giveawaytoday.blogspot.com/ a while back and got some traffic from it.

I hope that helps. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


ps - I looked at your signs and they are wonderful! You're going to do great. :)

Kimba said...

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates,

That's fun question! There were so many blogs that inspired me to start my own.
Nesting Place (obviously)
Chatting at the Sky (she touched my heart so many times)
Rocks in my Dryer
Southern Hospitality

Just to name a few. Seriously, there were tons.

The hardest thing to keep up with now is reading and commenting. No question. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Chocolate? Are you kidding me? I would bathe in it if I could.


Kimba said...

Blessdtwice ~ I can honestly say there are no regrets. Mostly because I usually paint things that I really don't like the way they are.

There have been plenty of things that I haven't been satisfied with once they were done like a nightstand that was all gloppy and messy. But no regrets about painting it. It was UGLY! And cheap!


Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Hi Kimba!
I see that my question was already asked but wanted to comment anyway so you knew I had one! My question was if you had any advice for starting up an etsy store. I had a store on hyena cart at one time but etsy has a different feel to it. I'm thinking about my own shop, still undecided. Thanks for doing this Q and A, fun!

Kimba said...

Suzann ~ I was actually thinking about this the other day. I totally schizophrenic (that can't possibly be spelled right) in my design style.

I love cottagey style and french country. But nothing to fussy. It needs to be simple. And swedish! How I love swedish.

But I also love some of the more retro styles that use bright, colorful, bold prints. But they don't really fit into my house.


Kimba said...

Lauren ~ Congrats on your new house! I always start with the most public room. So usually the kitchen or the family room. Then I move on to the bedrooms and then come back to the public spaces like the dining room.

Just start small. Pick one room and get started! It's ok to make a mistake. You can always fix it. Don't feel like you have to do everything at once. One room at a time.


Kimba said...

Meg ~ I try to get up by 6:00
(or earlier if I can swing it). That gives me a good hour before my kids get up to have some quiet time, drink my coffee and fold a load of laundry.

It makes a huge difference in my day.

And I try to go to bed by 10:00 but it's usually closer to 11:00 unless I fall asleep on the couch which happens all the time.


Beverly said...

A commenter told me I needed to "enable public access" on my profile so others could contact me more easily. But I can't find that option. Can you help? Thanks! Love your blog!

Kimba said...

Michelle@fromhousetohome ~ Thanks for asking! My answer to Chelle pretty much sums up my knowledge...which is minimal.

Does anyone else have any tips for opening and marketing an etsy shop?


Kimba said...

Beverly - Yes! Yes! A bajillion times yes!

Here's a link that shows you how to make your email address public in your profile. It makes communication sooooo much easier. And if you don't want to give out your personal email, you could set up a seperate gmail account just for your blog.



leigh ann said...

Hi Kimba! I recently purchased one of your pins (loved it!!) and just wondered if you ever did custom orders for people. You know how some people make memory quilts? What if you made memory pins using the clothing of someone special, like from a sweater or clothing from when children were babies,etc. just wondering if this was even possible...thanks!!

Katrina said...

I bought this (ugly) little stool the other day, and want to get to work making it pretty. The legs are painted iron (at least I think it's iron!), and the top is upholstered. I don't have a problem with the upholstry, just wondering if you had any help with how to get the paint off. I'd like it a prettier, cleaner looking black. See pics over on my blog! Thanks for doing the Q&A today!

Kimba said...

leigh ann ~ I have done some custom orders. I'm doing one now for a bride who wants a certain color pins for her bridesmaid dresses.

I never have done anything like what you suggessted, but I would love to try. What a sweet idea! I'm working on a new design that would probably work for what you're thinking of.


Kimba said...

Hi Katrina! That IS a cute little stool. I saw one just like it at my fleatique store a few weeks ago. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

I've never tried to strip paint from metal. I usually just paint overtop of what's already there. But if you want to get it back to it's "natural" state, I would think you need to use a chemical stripper. I'd talk to the paint guy at Lowes or Home Depot and see what they recommend. I'm sure there's one specially made for metal.


Kimba said...

Katrina ~ One more thing...if you just want the bottom to be black, you could always just sand the bottom to get off any loose paint and then prime and paint it with a black spraypaint. You'd get a similar look with less work and fumes.

Just a thought.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh my - do you know how much fun I could have with this day....oh, the ideas that are running through my head with the questions and answers that I want to go public, but since I DON'T want you sitting at your computer all day...never, no way...ever - I'll just say We all love you. :)

Loretta said...

I have an antique cherry hutch that I use in the bathroom as a linen closet. It has glass doors on the top and was thinking about covering them with a cut-up lace curtain so you can't see inside. What would be the best way to do this so as not to cause much damage to the wood doors?

Alecia Watson Bahna said...

Hi, Kimba - here's my question left on your headboard makover post...

I'm so impressed! Great job on the headboard. Just out of curiosity, was it made out of solid wood or the partical board stuff with the laminate-kind-of finish on it? I have a chest of drawers made out of that stuff that I'd like to paint but not sure if it would just be a mess!

Love your blog!

Stephanie said...

Hey Kimba-

I was curious if you have finished your room makeover that Layla had done virtually for you? I hope I didn't miss the big reveal!

Amy@DesigningaLifeILove said...

Hi, Kimba! I was just wondering how you come up with fresh ideas to blog about every day. Do you have an insanely witty and intelligent mind, and it comes naturally, and you sit down and blog every day, or do you sit up late one night and cram like you're studying for a test, and have a month's worth of posts?

I dunno, I'm just wondering... I guess you can imagine I'm the latter...

e.bane said...

I think you listed your favorite all-time paint colors somewhere, but I can't find it. So, what are your all-time favorite (no fail) paint colors for interior walls?

Stephanie said...

Oh ok, I know this is 2 questions from me. But, I desperately need some help and you have FAB decorating ideas! :)

I live in rental with paneled walls that my landlord will not let me paint. (much to my dismay).

Other than plastering the walls with artwork, is there anything else you could think of that I could or should try? I desperately want to brighten my home up!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hey Kimba! You are so great to do this...I have been wanting to ask someone this question but didn't want to "bother" anyone: How do you work with your sponsors? Are you able to make a little extra money because of them? How does that work? I have been contacted by someone but was just so overwhelmed by how to get started that I just said No Thanks. Now I am wondering. Don't feel like you have to go into detail about finances, but basically I know nothing, so any information will be new! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Boy, could I ask a million questions! I'll keep it to two though so as to give other people a chance ;)

First, when you spray paint ceramics, do you sand them first? Especially those with painted things like flowers on them already? Don't you see the impression of them if you don't? Do you prime (that's not my second question, really just part b of question 1, ha!)?

Second, how do you handle the kids' things and still keep the house pretty? We live in a small house (1160sq ft) and have four children and I can't keep the kids' clutter contained enough to really feel like our house is beautiful. Why must kids' storage be so ugly?!?

Thanks for your time and efforts with your blog, I can't tell you how much you've inspired me to think about how I can make my home somewhere to be proud of. Blessings to you and your family!


Richella said...

Here's my question for you: Do you know just how much your readers love you? How much we appreciate your honesty, your humor, your great ideas?

Really. Do you know?

Because you should.

Rachel said...

Hi Kimba! Decorating does not come second nature to me and I was raised in a single parent family with my dad being the single parent. He did just what he could to take care of me. He did a great job but decorating was definitely not high on priorities. I'm so glad you're doing this Q&A Thursday!

1- My first question was what are some of your favorite wall colors for paint? (I saw it was already asked but I wanted you to know it was a high demand interest of your readers.)

2- Do you have a blog post on spray painting technique? My blog post called I was Never in a Gang tells it all. My first times were really not very good. I used krylon brand so I thought it would turn out good but it didn't. Very frustrating.

3- Does your mom like decorating and DIYing? What do you credit with your decorating sense?

4- Are we limited to just 1 comment with questions? If I think of more questions throughout the day, can I come back?

Thanks! This has been fun so far to read the questions and responses.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the link about enabling public access. It worked (actually, I had already done it and didn't know it--sad to be so techno stupid). I am loving the q&a today!

sarah said...

so i didn't follow directions and commented on yesterday's post. here's my question again

Most of my ideas come from reinventing what others have done or just straight copying! How about yours? original or reinvented?

Stacie said...

Do you have any advice for us new bloggers with small readership?

Karla said...

Hi Kimba :)

Just wondering if you've done your Board and Batten treatment yet? I'm anxious to see how yours turns out!

~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

No question for me, I just wanted to say hi and read all about you!! :-) I am going to try to get up at 6 am this summer, that's a good idea.

HeathahLee said...

I know you answered when you get up and when you go to bed, but can you give us the rundown of your day? I'm trying to figure out how to get it all done, start up an Etsy store (eek!), have time for Kiddo and Sound Man, yada, yada, yada. So, how do you do it?

Kimba said...

Loretta ~ I love the idea of using a hutch in the bathroom to hold towels!

If it were me, I would use the top part (with the glass) to display my pretty towels all folded and stacked.

But if I were going to cover the glass with fabric, I would probably just use my low-melt glue gun and glue the fabric right to the wood on the inside. Then you can peel it off when you want a change.

But that's just me. And I'm kinda lazy.


Kimba said...

Alecia ~ Thanks for the compliment on my headboard. It is solid wood so painting it was pretty easy.

Here's a great tutorial from Living with Lindsay for painting laminate.



Kimba said...

Stephanie ~ Nope haven't finished it yet. I have all the parts to make the door coffee table that she recommended and I'm hoping to get it done this weekend.

Then onto the board and batten.


Kimba said...

Amy@DesigningalifeIlove ~ I'm totally scattered when it comes to blogging ideas...pretty much like the rest of my life. I keep a notebook handy where I can jot down ideas when they pop into my head.

Since most of my ideas are for projects, my biggest problem is that there just isn't enough time to get the actual projects done. The blogging about them part isn't such an issue.

But ideas just pop into my head all the time. When I'm reading blogs, looking at magazines, shopping, washing the dishes...


Kimba said...

Stephanie ~ What a bummer that your landlord won't let you paint.

I've seen people hang fabric on their walls when they can't paint.


If it were me, I would probably get myself some big panels (doors, pieces of plywood, whatever I could find) and paint them in lighter colors and hang them or lean them against the existing walls. Does that make sense?


Kimba said...

Buzzings ~ I don't mind talking about my sponsors at all. They do allow me to make a little money from my blog. Which is really helpful because my family needs it and I could NEVER justify the time I spend on it without a bit of income.

I used to be a part of the BlogHer network and stopped working with them for a number of reasons. For one, they don't allow their members to do giveaways on their main blog. Completely understandable but I really love to do them so that was a deal-breaker.

When I decided to go out on my own and accept sponsors, I made a committment that I was only going to work with people/shops that I really like myself. So far, I've held to that.

In most cases, the sponsors I have now have contacted me about advertising on ASPTL. There are a couple of exceptions where I found (or already shopped from) a store that I absolutely loved and knew my readers would love too. In those cases, I contacted the shop and just let them know about the packages I offer.

Does that help at all? I really don't mind talking about this. There's so much secrecy surrounding blog advertising that it's kind of like fumbling around in the dark to figure it out. I'm a pretty open book.


Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I have one -- did you know you rock?

Kimba said...

e.bane ~ I've never posted a list of my favorite colors, but that's a great idea. I know I've seen them on other blogs. If I can find one I'll post a link here.

Can anyone else help with this one?

Wait! I did do a post once on Restoration Hardware paint. Those are some of my faves. They're so easy to coordinate. And you can buy them online if you don't have a store nearby.



Kimba said...

Melissa W - I don't sand when I paint ceramics. I just can't be bothered. I don't mind seeing a little texture.

And I don't usually prime either. Again. Too lazy.


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I am loving reading these Q & A's!!! Thanks for being so open and sweet! :)

Kimba said...

Melissa W ~ Oops! There was more...about the kids stuff...here's my answer.

Zoom lens, girl. Zoom lens. I've got clutter just like everyone else. Right now, the newspaper is strewn across the family room floor because my younger son was throwing it around a bit ago. There are star wars guys all over the hearth and some folded laundry on the couch. But at least it's folded right?

As far as storage...you're right. Why do they make kids stuff so ugly? I don't use it. I much prefer to use regular cabinets and shelves and such that I find for a bargain and paint to work in the kid's rooms. I have lots of shelves with metal bins and baskets to contain all the bits and pieces and I don't mind looking at them because they're pretty.


Kimba said...

Richella ~ I really hope you come back and read this. Today is the second day in a row you've touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

I love connecting with other women through my blog and I am so blessed by it.

Thank you.

Kimba said...

Rachel ~ Thanks for sharing a little about your background. It makes me feel like I know you a little bit.

My fave wall colors right now are all from Restoration Hardware. It's what I used in my bedroom, bathroom and playroom. And I plan to use it in my family room/kitchen when I repaint.

Here's the post:


I don't have a post on spray paint technique specifically, but thats a great idea. I just say to make sure there's little to no breeze when you do it and go slowly with light coats of paint. It's way better to do 4 light coats than 2 heavy coats.

And if you're using a dark paint, use a dark primer. It makes coverage much easier.

I'll put together a post on this soon. Great idea!

I'm sitting here with my mom as I'm answering your question and she's laughing. My mom is definitely crafty. Actually, I take that back. My mom is really talented. She's a wonderful seamstress and sews the most beautiful things. I, on the other hand, can barely thread my sewing maching.

So yes, I did get my decorating/craft side from my mom. I've just taken it in a different, much lazier, direction.

And you can ask as many questions as you want. :)


Astrid said...

I also just wanted to say "Hello!" I love reading your blog even though I don't always comment. Someone already asked my question...about how far you'd gotten with Layla's suggestions. I'm really considering doing that batten and board technique on my walls...have you started that yet?

Kimba said...

Sarah ~ I saw your question yesterday and I was actually going to answer it here today. Thanks!

I guess my ideas are a mix of original and copycat/inspiration. I get ideas from all sorts of places...other bloggers, magazines (this is a big one), stores, etc., etc.

I can't say that most of my ideas are out-of-the-blue original. But whenever I see something I love that I either can't afford or want to be a little different, I start thinking about how I could do it cheaper myself.

A good example is the now-infamous ping-pong ball wreath. Not really an original idea but Matthew Mead's version just would work on my front door.



Kimba said...

Stacie ~ I would just say comment, comment, comment. Build relationships with other bloggers and focus on your own content. I don't know how much that helps, but I really think that's the way to build readership.


Kimba said...

Karla ~ No board and batten yet. I'm dying to get to it but The Hubster has been working some killer hours and I haven't wanted to put another project on him right now.

I plan to do the coffee table Layla suggested and then tackle the board and batten in the next few weeks.


Kimba said...

Amy @ Living Locurto ~ Hi!!!!! {waving wildly}

Kimba said...

HeathahLee ~ Your question assumes that I have this schedule thing figure out. I don't. :)

My ideal is to do all of my business stuff (blog, etsy, etc.) either in the morning before my kids are up, when they're napping (my 5 year old still naps YAY) or after they've gone to bed. It doesn't work that way.

Way too often I find myself tending to things during the day when I should be doing other things. I'm trying much harder to schedule things better though. I'll let you know how it goes


Kimba said...

Sarah@ThriftyDecorChick ~ I prefer to thing that I RAWK!

And so do you, my friend. Thanks!

Kimba said...

Stacy @ The Blessed Nest ~ Thanks! I'm having fun!

Kimba said...

Astrid ~ I guess everyone wants to see the board and batten, huh? Not yet. I need to get on the ball.

Are you reading this Hubster? My peeps want to see the board and batten! We can't say no to the peeps!


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

What is the one great item that you wish you could find at a yardsale, flea market, etc.?

Gray Matters said...

I was wondering if you have a dedicated space in your house to do all your wonderful crafty things.

I know you use the garage/outdoors for all the big stuff, but what about your pins. My crafting/sewing habit has grown big and I don't have the heart to have my kids share a room so I can have a little space to create.

blessdtwice said...

ooohhh...I thought of another question!

If there was only one decorating trick up your sleeve - what would it be? And I am going to make it hard and say it can't be painting! (sorry, I am so mean!)

What I mean is...what is the one thing that you would choose to start building a room around, or change generally if you were to walk into someone elses room? does that make sense?

Nancy said...

I love all your tips and read way into the night all of your past posts. Here's my problem (or one of them).
As you enter my family room you walk down a step, and the view in front of you is a wall A/C and a horrible glarey light fixture. You can see it on my blog-put there just for you! We cover the A/C in the winter with a box my husband made and painted. It's ok, but what do ppl do to hide the ugly thing? Any ides for the ceiling fixture?

Beverly said...

Thought of another question--what's on the back of your toilets? Mine look so bare, but I'm never sure what would look good (and appropriate). Thanks!

Kimba said...

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage ~ A cleaning lady?

And since I probably won't ever find one of those, I want to find a Duncan Phyfe dining table and chairs to go with my china cabinet. For $50.

Do you have one?


Kimba said...

Gray Matters ~ I don't have a dedicated space for crafting, but that's my own fault. We have the space for it but I hate being off by myself while I'm making stuff. I realize how bizarre that sounds.

I've got stuff in the dining room, the kitchen, basically all over. It's not good. Just ask The Hubster. It makes him nuts.


Kimba said...

blessdtwice ~ Well since you've basically cut off my right arm to say that I can't say painting... :)Because paint color on the walls is what I would say is the easiest, quickest way to change the look of a room.

I would say two things. Simplify, simplify, simplify. I think one of the bigger mistakes that people make in their rooms is too much little stuff (knick-knacks on the tables, etc) and stick with a less is more approach.

I'd also say to keep your major pieces of furniture, like the sofa, classic and neutral. Unless you're The Nester and can get away with a beautiful toile couch.

I learned that lesson the hard way.


Kimba said...

Nancy ~ Thanks for posting pictures! That really helps. That air conditioner is a tough one because you can't actually cover it. Hmmmmmm...let me think about it. Anyone? Anyone?

As far as the light fixture, I would totally put a beautiful chandelier in that corner with a little round table with a chair or two. Like what I did in this corner when we first moved in.


I can't see the actual dimensions but it looks like that should fit. and the hanging chandelier might actually conceal the air conditioner a bit too.


Kimba said...

Beverly ~ You're cracking me up! You have no idea how many smart-alec answers are flying through my head...but I shall refrain.

On one of them I have a square, lidded basket that holds 2 rolls of tp at the ready. That seems appropriate, right?

On the others? Nothing.

I am so turning this into a blog post. Thanks for the idea!


Kathy said...

2 Questions:

1. Glass shower door + shower curtain=tacky?

2. I am very inspired by your site and others like it and would love to utilize some of the ideas in my home. The problem...my husband considers it clutter (even functional furniture and items) and it drives him crazy. Any thoughts on how to mesh my desire to decorate and his desire to maintain a more minimalistic look.
(An added issue is that we have a very small house and the living room doubles as our family area and his music studio. We have one wall dedicated to hanging his ever growing collection of guitars (which I love!) and storing his speakers, amps, etc. He already has his eye on another wall on which I have shelves and baskets. Help!) I can provide photos if you are interested.

Kimba said...

Kathy ~ glass shower door + shower curtain.

Hmmmmm...My first reaction is that I don't like it. But I think that's because the only time I've really seen it done was by someone who had a glass shower door and didn't really want to clean the shower so she covered it with a curtain. Yuck.

But I understand the attraction. The glass door is very practical but not always pretty.

Here's an example of it being done really well.



As far as the other issue, there's got to be an area of compromise there. I wouldl ook for ways to decorate that didnt involve lots of "clutter" like interesting treatments on the walls (the board and batten we've been discussing).


Rachel said...

Hi Kimba!
Do you think it's o.k. to mix and match painted wood furniture pieces with non-painted pieces?
There are some pieces I especially like not painted or that I just can't paint, but others I do want to paint. I don't want it to look stupid in the space it's in.

Kimba said...


It's absolutely OK to mix painted with non-painted. In my family room/kitchen I have several pieces that are painted black mixed with darker natural wood pieces and I love the look.

I'm actually going to be incorporating some white painted pieces too.


Mandy said...

Can you spray paint a touch (touch it to turn on and off) lamp and still have it work right? Thanks for the great blog!

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

It has been an EXTREMELY long day, and for that mreason I have minimal brain function...no questions. BUT...I am loving the Q&A from everyone else. It's so entertaining.

Kimba, you are the bomb diggity! And yes, I know that is so 2002, but I'm bringing it back. We love ya girl!


Kimba said...

Mandy ~ You stumped me with that one. I'm thinking that it wouldn't work just because you'd be covering up whatever sensors are in the lamp by painting it.

But you could always take my approach an try it out. Let me know if you do.


Kelleigh said...

Hi Kimba!

My brain is fried, and I can't think of a question, so I think I'll just have to go with the generic (but ever so TRUE) comment:

You totally RAWK!

So glad I found you! You are an inspiration!

Kelleigh said...

Hey! I thought of a great question!! I'm currently with Blogger, but I'm in the process of moving over to WordPress. So, I've been curious:

Why did you choose blogger? Do you like it? Would you ever switch to something else?

janine said...

when's the last time you threw up?

The Nester said...

Oh, Oh, I have an idea for Nancy and her eyesore A/C...what about build a little frame and have shutters put up there? You know, the louvered plantation shutters, you can open the louvers and let air flow without having to open the shutters and expose the unsightly.

Kimba, what's your social security number?

Kimba said...

Kelleigh ~ Good question! I've had conversations with two different people about the Blogger vs. Wordpress thing lately.

I started on Blogger because it's easy and free. So far, I've been able to tweak it (by "I", I mean Darcy) to do pretty much everything I want.

It seems like most of the "big time" Bloggers are on WP so I feel like I should move there if I want to be "big time" someday. But I can't come up with any practical reasons that I need to.

What are your reasons for moving. I'd love to know what other people think.


Rachel said...

Here are a few more...

What are your favorite things to do to repurpose a cabinet door? I found 4 at a garage sale several weekends ago but only purchased 2. I now have these perfect cabinet doors (they are brand new) but I'm undecided on the project.

What can I use to catch the water underneath my clay pots for inside plants? Right now I have an old disposable tin pie pan. It's terribly unsightly.

Kimba said...

Leave it to Nester to come onto my Q&A and be way more brilliant than me.

I love the plantation shutter idea to hide the air conditioner! Very cool!

Kimba said...

Nester ~ Forgot to answer your other question...


Oh wait! That's my Visa card number! I can't give you my SS#. Are you crazy?

Kimba said...

I can't say that I have ever repurposed a cabinet door myself, but here are a couple of other ideas that I've seen recently and loved.

The first two are from DownHomeDIY




This isn't an idea, but I just want to gag with envy when I see all of the old door and shutter pictures on this blog.


Kimba said...

Rachel ~ Oops! Forgot the other one...How about a pretty plate or saucer? If you're worried about breakage, I've seen some really cute melamine plates and saucers at Target lately.


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh my goodness - I just want to come up with a question so that you can say my name and give me great ideas.

I know...will you do my talk for me tomorrow so I can stop procrastinating and have more fun blogging? :)I much prefer reading your answers than working on statistics for Living on Less....

Kimba said...

Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen.

Kimba said...

Mitchell...I mean Janine ~ I think the better question is...If your younger cousin throws up in the basement, will you run screaming upstairs like a little girl?

Auntie Kimba

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

We love you, we love you, we love you!

Cyn said...

I was thinking about the woman who asked about putting lace fabric in a cabinet to cover the glass in the doors...if she really wants to cover the glass (I like your suggestion Kimba), then what about using laundry starch to adhere it instead of glue? I don't know for sure if it would work but I have attached fabric to walls using that method (and then used fabric softener to remove it) and wondered if it would work in this application too. It would be less risky or permanent than using glue and might be worth a try!

Kelleigh said...

Well, I'm moving to WordPress because I need to get a subscriber newsletter going (I'm a digital scrapbooking/papercrafting designer). It would have cost me $15 a month for Constant Contact (with a limited # of subscribers, then you pay more), or $16.50 a month for the first year, then $10 a month after that to get my own domain name (which is kind of cool and makes me feel special) and pay someone to set up WordPress with PHPlist. Or, whatever it is that I'm doing. LOL!

I love that Blogger is easy to customize, and I hope I will be able to customize WordPress, too! (Without paying someone else to do it!)

I'll let you know how it goes!

~Carole said...

Oooh, ooooh, oooh! *waving hands frantically in the air* I might be able to help Rachel with her cabinet door repurpose.

I recently repurposed a cabinet door on my [new] thrifty decorating blog: http://lazyhomedecorator.blogspot.com/2009/05/wine-crate-wall-art-on-cheap.html

Your blog always inspires me!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the time you put into this yesterday. It was helpful for me to read the answer to my question, but so much fun to read the other answers too! Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Just catching up on your blog (when I should be working--don't tell!) and really enjoyed reading all of these questions and answers. How fun! Now I'm off to do a little online shopping with your credit card number. ;-)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

P.S. I'm new to Blogger, since I just started my Beach Cottage Love blog a couple of months ago, and didn't know that I needed to make my e-mail address visible. Read that article you linked to and got that done today, so thanks! :-)

melissa said...

Kimba~I'm sad I missed this, but loved reading through it~what a great idea!

Su said...

I just found your blog. . loving it and an enjoying scrolling thru these Q&As. I was wondering if you had a moment you could tell me how to get people to leave comments. . what happens on my blog (I am new) is people get my posts sent to their email and then they hit reply and send me an email back. . when what I really want is them to leave a comment so others can benefit. . so I only have to answer a question once, etc. Is there a way to set that up on my end. . or do I just need to encourage my readers to leave a comment instead of emailing back??
Thanks for your time. I teach classes out of my home on couponing, meal planning, hospitality, parenting, home decor. . this is how I found your blog. . was doing some searches for my home decor class.