03 January 2008

Contact Me!

photo credit: Cindy

I love to hear from my readers so go right ahead and contact me. I love reading your emails and comments every day. And I do read them...every single one of them. They're the fuel that encourages me. Thank you!

As much as I love hearing from you, my family still needs to eat and wear clean clothes, so I have to let go of my desire to personally respond to each and every email. I do promise that I read them all and do my best to respond whenever possible.

Want a hint for getting a response from me?

Make your email address public in your blogger profile. That way, when you ask me a question in my comments section, I can hit "reply" from my email (which is where I read my comments) and answer your question right away.

If I can't do that, here's usually what happens...I mark your comment to respond to later by visiting your blog and commenting on a post. Your question becomes buried under 437 emails in my inbox in about 20 minutes. 2 weeks later, I become completely overwhelmed with the volume of comments in my inbox that need some sort of response and I delete them all and try to start afresh.

Click here to read a simple explanation for how to do this.

Want to send me something?

I love to get presents in the mail and to open boxes full of jewelry or money so feel free to send either one.

PO Box 267
Claridge, PA 15623

You can email me here or follow me on Twitter here.