01 October 2009

DIY Day Recap and a Winner!!!

Thank you all so much for packing up your tool boxes and paint brushes and moving with me to Tuesdays. It's feeling pretty good over here. I think I'm going to like DIY Day on Tuesday.

Many, many thanks to Back 40 Life for providing one winner with $40 to spend on vinyl artwork in her etsy shop. The winner is Joanna from The Casa and her DIY Growth Chart.

Here is a small sampling of the DIY-awesomeness that you all shared.

Glowing Monster Jars @ Not So Idle Hands (These are too cute! Tutorial here.)

A gasp-worthy mirrored nightstand makeover @ Santa Maker's Journey

A staircase makeover @ The Eck Life

New Look for the Mudroom @ Design A-Peel (You HAVE to see the baskets hanging on the wall. Brilliant!)

Mod Podge SHOES! @ Oops! I Craft My Pants

Ladder + Chicken Wire = Bookshelf @ Blue Castle (Oh my stinkin' chicken wire! I love this!)

How to Convert Cabinets to Open Shelving @ Not So Random Stuff

Dresser Drawers Turned Under-Bed Storage @ Finding Joy in the Simple Things

Hidden Office in the Dining Room @ Red Writing

On a different note...Does your kiddo have a teacher that you love? If so, head on over to GoodNCrazy and nominate him or her for a Max Mom Award. They could win $100 for school supplies! Did you know that teachers spend an average of $1,200 of their own money on classroom supplies each year? Let's help a teacher out!

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Anonymous said...

The creativity here both inspires me and puts me to shame! :-) I LOVE that you host this day. So much fun! One of my favorites was the mod podge shoes because they were just so different from anything that you typically see on a DIY day. The creativity never ends... Have a great day Kimba!
pk @ room remix

Stephanie said...

Wow! Some great projects this week. I love the mirrored nightstand and also the ladder bookshelf. Such creative gals!

Anonymous said...

great great diys! i looked at most of the entries and everyone should be a winner. must have been hard to pick!

Gina said...

Thanks again Kimba for hosting this fun day! I love seeing everyone's awesome projects-I don't know how you pick favorites!

Gina said...
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Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

THANKS SO MUCH Kimba!! I♥U. And now I need to see that hidden kitchen office!!!

Miss Obara said...

The recycled lanterns...what a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting! What do I do to redeem my wonderful prize?

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

I love DIY day! I've found so many great blogs to read and wonderful projects by checking it out each week. Can't wait to post this Tuesday as I missed this past DIY day. Thanks for hosting it!

grannyann said...

I loved the pumpkin jars. Thanks for the ideas

Audra Lynn said...

I adore those monster jars.

BlueCastle said...

Thank you, Kimba! I am so amazed at how many creative people link up here each week. It's such a great resource to find crafty diy ideas. Thank you so much for hosting this carnival and doing it wish such pizazz.:)