19 July 2008

Simply Saturday

Sorry there was no post yesterday. I now have one of these sitting in my driveway. I'm sure my neighbors are really loving me right now.

The boys (including the grown-up one) thought it would make the world's greatest playhouse. And I would agree if we didn't have to start stuffing it full of all our worldly possessions.

Now onto Simply Saturday where I share some of the things I found inspiring, cool or just plain fun this week.

Rhonda at Scooterblu's Whimsy began to share pictures from her lake house renovation. I love what she did to the rocking chairs on the front porch. You know how I love the spray paint. And the seashell arrangements she did are great. I've been on a seashell kick lately, in case you haven't noticed. :-) My link takes you to the first day of her lakehouse tour. Make sure you go to her main page where you can see the subsequent days. So much fun!

Cindy at My Romantic Home posted pictures of the beautiful living wreath that she created. I absolutely love it and can't wait to give it a shot myself. What a fantastic idea! And I love the little birdie. ;-)

Sarah at A Beach Cottage posted some beautiful pictures of a bench in her yard that was a real eyesore. Her solution made what was an irritation into something beautiful. You have to look around her blog. She has a wonderful beachy style and posts the most beautiful pictures.

Hayley at The Handmade Housewife shared some pictures of the adorable reading nook she created for her son. A painted bookshelf and a piece of artwork that started life as a cabinet door and she has the perfect spot to encourage a love of reading in her child.

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sarah @ a beach cottage said...

hi Kimba, thanks for your sweet comments about my blog and for the link, you are too sweet, I am honoured! your kidlets look like they're having a ball in there!!!!

love your blog too, it's so nice to get inspiration from real people, you make me laugh with the spray can, I only just discovered these and I find myself looking at something and imagining it spray painted, even if it is the ugliest thing ever..hahaha


Lacy said...

Happy Weekend Kimba! I love your posts with the links to ideas you enjoy. Thanks for helping me get more addicted to these awesome ladies.

carrie said...

These are great links! Thanks, Kimba. I love your blog.

Have a productive weekend!


Handmade Housewife... said...

Hey Kimba,
Thanks for including me in your Simple Saturday post. I feel like I've won an award...I mean to be featured on your blog, that's so awesome! I've gotten tons of inspiration from your blog and I think we share the same obsession with spray paint :) I saw one of those ugly rooster statues yesterday and immediately thought of you! I think I'll try the seashell garland idea next. That's fabulous! Thanks again!!!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Thank you so much for featuring my living wreath here! I'm going to go check out the other great ideas you have on your blog!!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for the inspiring post today. I knew that moving must have been why you didn't post yesterday. I know it is going to get very busy soon, as you start filling the container. Happy packing and have a great weekend.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Great links...thanks for sharing...Good luck filling up that lovely playhouse...oh I mean box.

Gray Matters said...

Thanks for the great links. We are moving in a week and I'm loving all the bloggy design inspiration!

HeathahLee said...

I would SO love to play in the storage thing, too! But I know it's time to move, so playtime must be cut short. I hope it goes smoothly from here to the end of the month!

Kris said...

What great links - thanks for posting those!
My boys would love a big empty bin like that too..they are silly like that. Are you sure that will hold everything? It's looks so small! (Or maybe I just needs to get rid of stuff!!)

Marie said...

I won't harrass you and leave a comment on every single post of yours that I missed while I was "away"... so you are getting it all in this one. :o)

LOVE the new house. BEEEEEAUTIFUL! Love that back porch! And the fireplace? Oh my oh my! I'd love to do something like that to our fireplace, but that is such a project. Maybe in my next life. ha ha

The shell garland? So cute! I was in St. Augustine last week and saw a few of those very same garlands in the gift shops. I love that you made your own! Cute birdcage too! I like it red. I think that is one thing I wouldn't be spray painting! :o)

Rae said...

I remember when we had one of these lovely pods delivered. It was bittersweet. We were finishing our basement which was fantastic...more room! But it was horrible having that eyesore in the driveway for months on end!!